FRAMES: Photo Challenge #58: Fall: ROUND 4 : Challenge CLOSED

My goodness we had bunch of entries for this Fall challenge! Kudos to all those who took the time to share their photos and a special shout out to Molly Mason’s Digital Photography class at Crosspoint Academy for entering their work!

I’m going to start my deliberations and choose my stand-outs tomorrow, but until then, here are the last of the entries that I’ve received:

“Waterfall of Leaves” by Karen Ebersole

“Fall Hydrangea” by Karen Ebersole

“Jump” by munson2

“Dead Leaves” by Russell Melin

“Fall Leaves” by Philip Pledger

“The Light” by Patrick Wheeler

“Fallen Leaves” by Mikal Pattee

“Splash” by Mary Wright

“Fall” by Levi Stuart

“Leaves” by Caitlin Maguire

“Viewpoint” by Jonathan O’Neil

“The Tree” by John Reichel

“The Leaf” by Jessica Damon

“Fall” by Ian Hampton

“Trees” by Grace Garguile

“Leaves” by Chris Leu

“Floating” by Abby Loney

“Leaf” by Abby Thompson

“Light” by Levi Stuart

“The Path” by Dominique Trice

“Leaf” by Kirsten Judkins

“Fall” by Katie Shaw

“Spider” by Jonathan Oksendahl

“Journey” by Jasmine Mathes

“Untitled” by Kyle Huber

“Flag” by Riley Hewitt

“Leaves” by Emma Laurion

“Trees” by Deseree Doty

“Contrast” by Dallas Kissam

“Red Leaves” by Darin Brown III

“Leaf” by Chris Leu

“The Last of the Harvest” by Karen Ebersole

“Trick Or Treating” by Joelle Jensen

“Hunter Farms” by Joelle Jensen

“Fall Colors in Port Orchard” by BJS

“Untitled” by BJS

“Fall Deer” by Noelle Morris

“Illahee State Park Fall Colors” by Jeanne McCann

“Illahee State Park” by Jeanne McCann

“Hospital Colors” Kay Gardner