FRAMES: Hipstamatic Views From The “Office”: Desktop Clutter Catch-Up

I’ve been a bit of the slacker when it comes to my Hipstamatic Views From The “Office” feature that I shoot with my iPhone whilst on assignment… in fact there are a few of them littering the desktop of my computer so I figured I should get to posting those before they get shuffled to some folder never to be seen again.

“Mud Run”

“Xtreme Bulls”

“Fish On A Stick Preparation”

“Boxer Warms Up While People Eat In The Background”

“Lone Cowboy In Red”

“Reporter Demonstrates Golf Swing”

“Racquet Ball Tourney”

“Airplane Fair Ride”

“Right Before Chickens Attack”

“Fish Trap Volunteer”

“Bremerton Watershed Homesteader”

“Little Kid Roller Hockey At Skateland”

“Rodeo Flag Gals”