FRAMES: Photo Challenge #49: Corner Composition: Round 1

Since we don’t have a whole lot of entries for this challenge, I’m going to extend the deadline one more week just to see if we can get a few more, so the revised deadline will be May 1st. A recap of the challenge is posted HERE

I’m guessing that with the beautiful weather this past weekend that everyone was out clicking away and just haven’t gotten around to uploading their entries…

Also don’t forget names people…REAL NAMES ON ENTRIES!

Here are the entries thus far:

“Kayla and Dad” by Sharon O’Hara

“Duck” by theshroad

“Dock Mtns Gull” by Plumb78

“Vietnam 2002” by Ed Palm

“Khe Sahn Kids” by Ed Palm

“Communing” by Ed Palm

“Cat On Quilt” by Marlene Rayl

“Bloop” by Faith Winters

“A Glimpse” by Faith Winters

“NAD PArk Playground” by Karen Ebersole