FRAMES: Photo Challenge #48: Pets: Round 1

Since Larry finally made it back from his Carnival Cruise/Week aboard the Stennis as it headed home,  I have finally had a chance to glance at our photo challenge contenders. And I’m going to extend the deadline for one more weekend since I was such a slacker and didn’t get to peruse and share as the week(s) went on. So the new deadline for entries will be Monday March 12th. A recap of the challenge is HERE.

***Don’t forget to put your real names either in the title of the entry or description so I can credit you correctly.

“Lily Reflects” by PhotoDave

“Echo Plays In The Snow” by Robert Farmer

“Lily Sits For A Portrait” by PhotoDave

“Ok Mom Let’s Go Outside” by Jessi Pehl

“Queens For The Day” by Debbie Nopp

“Baby Guarding The Refrigerator” by Debbie Nopp

“Kindred Happiness” by Faith Winters

“Sun Happiness” by Faith Winters

“Water Fun” by khalihorse

“Unititled” by khalihorse

“Unititled” by khalihorse

“Akio Romping Around In The Snow” by Debbie Nopp

“Ody’s First Snow” by Gweedoh

“Ready or Not Here I Come” by onlyaujaun

“Phineas Learning About Crows” by Ed Palm

Snowy Fuzzy Head” by lourceyphotos

“Covered” by lourceyphotos


Here are 3 frames I shot this week:

“All Mine” by Meegan M. Reid

“Cat er Dog Nap” by Meegan M. Reid

A trio of dogs look out the window of their home in East Bremerton on Friday, March 2, 2012. (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)