FRAMES: Photo Challenge #48: Pets

Alright FINALLY I’ve had a chance to ponder photo challenges…and have settled on pets since everyone seems to love taking pictures of their pets.

Heck I don’t even have any pets being as everything with fur makes me sniffle but I just can’t resist snapping the occasional  photo of a friend’s cat or a shot of my boyfriend’s cute mutts with my iPhone.

So your challenge, if you choose to accept it of course, is to show us your best photo of a pet. It doesn’t have to be your pet, heck just a photo of any domesticated animal (that of course includes horsies and other farm animals). The “pet” in question doesn’t even have to be the main focal of the image, it of course might and most likely will be, but if it just makes a cameo in the frame that of course counts as a pet photo. Use any camera be it an iPhone app or an SLR etc. And remember outside of the box thinking is always encouraged.

Deadline for entries will be Wednesday March 7th. And as always you are strongly encouraged to capture you entry in the week that it is posted- the whole reason for these challenges is to get people out there with their cameras capturing dynamic images on a somewhat weekly basis. Per usual the instructions/rules and regulations will be posted at the end of this post. Also if you have any problems or questions etc. shoot me an email: since I am rarely in the office I don’t get to my phone messages very often. Once the deadline has passed I will scrutinize and pick my favorites.

Here are a few photos from our archives to get you thinking (yes Larry and I have been known to zero in on animals for the newspaper quite often):

Breanne Peterson dashes to return the ball to her sister Emily as her dog Romo surveys the courts as the sisters play tennis at Lions Park in Bremerton. (MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)

Dea Freiheit,from Coulee City, gets her old English sheep dog Luciano groomed for the judging  at the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club which held its all-breed show at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds on March 23, 2011.  (LARRY STEAGALL / KITSAP SUN)

A pooch peaks through the fence on the pedestrian walkway to have a view of the the grand opening festivities of the new Manette Bridge on November 10, 2011.  (LARRY STEAGALL / KITSAP SUN)

Free range chickens mingle at Karen Olsen’s Blackjack Valley Farms in Port Orchard. (MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)

Meegan M. Reid

Sporting their winter attire, dogs Delilha and Brutus are walked by their owners Patty and Willie Brasch along the Port Orchard waterfront on a chilly Thursday. (MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)
Meegan M. Reid

Jenny Kleffel’s dog Skagit leaps into the air to catch a snowball at Pendergast Park in West Bremerton on January 18, 2012. (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)

Sam Erwin hands a lemon cake to his wife Shirley after removing it from one of his solar cookers as their dog Precious looks on at their Tracyton home on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)

Norma Davis,90, gives her cat Pretty Baby a hug after lifting her up Monday afternoon in her East Bremerton studio apartment. Davis was living in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked in 1941.  LARRY STEAGALL  |  KITSAP SUN

Charlie Merrill’s cat Jackson sits atop a wine barrel at Victor Alexander Winery on Bainbridge Island. MEEGAN M. REID |  KITSAP SUN

Cris Felicinao,16, of Bremerton helps give his dog Sleepy a cool drink of water to stay hydrated at Lions park in Bremerton on a warm summer day. LARRY STEAGALL / KITSAP SUN


***To recap: Every week we will post a new photography “challenge” to help build on all of our current photography skills and to encourage everyone to get out and get shooting (cameras not guns). While we encourage you to shoot the challenge in the week that it is assigned, we will however accept entries taken prior to the challenge assignment date.

When you’ve got your favorite shot, login to the Kitsap Sun Your Media Site (if you don’t already have a login, you can quickly set it one up) or click the “Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge Entries” button over there on the right side of the page and upload your image to the Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge Channel (the channels run along the left hand side of the page, again if you can’t seem to get it into the channel just upload it normally and send me an email and we’ll move it).