FRAMES: Macro Bugs

It seemed like a good day to grab the macro lens and head to the Anna Smith Children’s Garden and Blueberry Park in hopes of getting a cool bug in a flower photo today… so that’s what I did.

As usual, as soon as one puts the macro lens on their camera, it’s like all the bugs go into hiding because I wandered up and down those garden rows and only came up with a few bug portraits.

I honestly didn’t get any shots that I really loved but I got a few worth sharing I suppose.



A ladybug scrambles across the blooms of a plant at Blueberry Park in Bremerton on Monday, July 11, 2011. (MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)

5 thoughts on “FRAMES: Macro Bugs

  1. I loved them, especially the first lady bug, but then I really enjoy photographing bugs! That would make a good theme for the contest if you’re still doing it.

  2. These are great and I LOVE the ladybug picture!
    Yeah yeah! I like Patti’s idea, Bug Challenge!

    1. I promise we will do the bug challenge again!
      We are first revisiting the “wildlife” theme for the rest of this month…since it was the most popular and it will get me back in the swing of the challenges. 😉

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