FRAMES: Challenge #36: Stand-Outs

To recap, our weekly(ish) photo challenge was to capture a photo depicting a song title by The Beatles and with over 300 song titles to choose from, we received a wide variety of titles and subjects so again nicely done everyone! In fact, we’re surprised no one did “Something,” because it could have been anything. Ha!

We’ll post a new challenge later this week and the stand-outs will be published in the Thursday, March 10 edition of the Kitsap Sun.

Here are a few that stood out to us:

~Meegan and Derek

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by Noelle Morris

What a fantastic view of an eagle! You really don’t see many photos that show the top of the wingspan of an eagle as it flies over the water so kudos to the photographer for showing us something different. And those small glints of sunshine in the water are a lovely and creative way of capturing the “diamonds” of the song title. We would have preferred a just a slightly more horizontal crop  to put more emphasis on the eagle but other than that it’s a really nice image.

“In Spite of All The Danger” by Tom Thomas

This photo department just loves splashes of red in photos and this photo fits that bill. Sure the photo doesn’t follow the “rule of thirds” and yes the subject might be centered but rules are meant to be broken and quite frankly photos with centered subjects can be just as strong as those using the “rule of thirds and this one does that. Love the expression and stance of the subject who does honestly look like he’s exploring this vast and dangerous beach as a fierce storm blows in off the coast.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Cameron Teller

A moody portrait for a moody song…nice. Wait, I can’t see the guitar player. Is that Clapton? You could probably illustrate this song with any photo of a guy playing guitar, but it wouldn’t connect with the song if he were in a cheerfully lit room and playing with a smile. The photog used contrast to create a great mood that complements the song well. Just make sure you dry the tears. Rosewood doesn’t like being drenched.

“Tip of My Tongue” by Lea Bessler

When the skies are not so blue
There is not much left for me to do
Just think of something new to say to you, wooh oo
Oh, words just stay on the tip of my tounge

Appropriate, huh? Even Oscar The Grouch would think so.

“Three Cool Cats” by Irene15

So, where are the cool chicks? Anyway, this one made Meegan and Derek chuckle, so it’s definitely worth a nod. Well done.

3 thoughts on “FRAMES: Challenge #36: Stand-Outs

  1. Could you let me know if these got published? I search the thursday paper but I did not find them 🙁

    By the way, I think this is one of my favorite bald eagle pictures. Beautiful!

    1. So sorry Lea- I should know better than to say when the photos are going to run, since they tend to get bumped because of space issues.
      I can guarantee that they will run tomorrow (Monday) on page A3….I hope. 🙂

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