FRAMES: Two Red Umbrellas

I witnessed not one but two red umbrella toting gals today in downtown Bremerton!


If you missed our previous post on how important capturing those red umbrellas in photos are to this photo department, you can read it here.


Carrying their bright red umbrellas, Kitsap Bank employees Andrea Hatley and Cindy Moore cross Second Ave. in downtown Bremeton as they head to their office on Friday. (MEEGAN M. REID |  KITSAP SUN)

5 thoughts on “FRAMES: Two Red Umbrellas

  1. I expect Larry is out purchasing a wholesale lot of red umbrellas to hand out to a crowd in order to scoop you on red umbrella per photo ratio…

  2. That Larry is pretty sneaky and does love those red umbrellas…I’ll have to start checking the back of his car to make sure he’s not handing them out! 😉

  3. Just tell me when the red umbrella flash mob is happening at Harborside Park, and I’ll bring mine down….

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