FRAMES: Get Any Camera Gear?

Christmas and Hanukkah are over, so the real inventory begins. Did you get or give any cool photo or video related gifts? Gear, prints, books, doodads?

It’s really hard for Santa to keep up with all the weird stuff I want, so I’ll be treating myself after Christmas, methinks.

It’s silly, and way to much for a rational person to spend on a coffee mug, but I really want one of these…Don’t worry, Meegan, they make Nikon ones, too.

Ok, folks, leave a comment and tell us what you got or gave. Paste a link if you wish.

– Derek Sheppard

PS: Obvious posts from marketers hawking their wares will be deleted. So don’t bother.

9 thoughts on “FRAMES: Get Any Camera Gear?

  1. My men gave me a Lumix DC Vario for a point and shoot because I said I’d like something decent to put in my pocket. It’s not always easy to carry your SLR and lenses everywhere you go.

  2. Oh man now I really want one of those thermoses!! I would have to get a Nikon one though for fear of accidentally grabbing the Canon thermos and attempting to attach it to my Mark III. 🙂

  3. I got a ‘nifty fifty’ (50mm F1.8) for my T2I, two books on landscape photography, and a nice pair of fingerless gloves with an ingenious ‘mitten’ that flips up over the fingers. (Yeah, gloves aren’t *technically* camera gear, but they’ll be handy next time I’m waiting for the sunset at Waterfront Park!)

  4. @Kimmiee Good deal. Panasonic seems to be making some good stuff lately. I’ve got a Panasonic point and shoot that I’m really happy with. (DMC LX3)

    @DerekL Those gloves are godsends for photographers. You’re not the only one to go that route. I think I’ve seen other gloves that just have a flap on the index finger.

    Update us on that Wacom sometime soon. I’ve wanted one of those for a while.

    – Derek Sheppard

  5. I got a Gary Fong tripod adapter for the iPhone 4. It works great on a tripod. I’ve also used it on a bracket with a video light, and once I clamped it onto my son’s tricycle to make a tracking dolly shot, this thing is very cool.

  6. This one is a DMC-FH20. For me, I think the hardest thing may be getting used to composing on the screen rather than a view finder. I’m not sure why that makes me struggle but it does.

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