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FRAMES: The Most-Watched Videos of 2010

We hear it all the time. “Why is there so much bad news? Why not write about/photograph/film positive stories?”

My response is always something like this: It’s natural to focus on terrible news, but if you looked at our total coverage, you’d see that we do write about/photograph/film a lot of positive things in our community. Unfortunately, our duty forces us to keep people informed of the bad things, too.

Apparently the only thing that viewers latch on to in comparable numbers to crime and tragedy is sea life…

So what’s this got to do with the five most-viewed videos on in 2010? The topics are: Crime, tragedy, tragedy, sea life, sea life.

We’ll start at number five and work our way to your most-viewed video of 2010:



A huge thanks goes to Illahee resident Jim Aho, who sent this video in!




Three of these were either submitted by readers or the police. I shot one (The Jay Carver video) and intern Jeanette Scarsdale shot the Mr. Bob video.

Wondering how the three videos I highlighted yesterday rank? Oysters were 50 on the list, the Stottlemyer barn was 39, and 99-year-old square dancer Angy Parrish was 27.

– Derek Sheppard

FRAMES: Derek Sheppard’s Favorite Videos of 2010

Picking one experience from 2010 that topped them all is easy for me. Covering the Winter Olympics. There isn’t one video I can pick, but I feel like I gave folks a pretty good picture of the activity in Vancouver and Whistler. Take a video trip down memory lane here. (And there’s couple stragglers here and here.)

Here are my three favorite videos from 2010, and a short note after each on why I chose it:

When you’re producing videos on deadline, it can be difficult to feel like you have the time to tell a complete story. This video tells the story succinctly. It was also the first time I felt like I got really good results out of the 7D. But for me, the natural sound of the beach really made this video come alive. It’s an element that you’ll never get by reading a story, and proves why video can be so enriching for a newspaper.

I covered North Kitsap for a number of years, and got to know a lot of great people. I consider the Stottlemyer family among those great people. We’d had an idea kicking around after the Olalla barn fire to do a project on Kitsap’s barns – and I just happened to know the Stottlemyer’s had quite a looker on their property.

If you can’t take inspiration from a lady who’s still cutting a rug at the local squaredance hall at 99 years old, there must be something wrong with you. The story of Angy Parrish and her friends at the Kitsap Square Dance Center give us all hope for longevity and vitality in life, and force us to consider how friendship and community might contribute to that vitality.

– Derek Sheppard

FRAMES: Meegan M. Reid’s Favorite Photos of 2010

Editing down a whole year’s worth of photos down to my favorite 25 is always a tough but fun task.

Tough because that’s a lot of photos to just pick a “few” from. That’s right I crunched the numbers, and for 2010 (thus far) I had roughly 2,817 photos published in the paper and on the Kitsap Sun website (the majority of course were online in photo galleries). My co-photog Larry is sitting right around 2,882 published photos for the year.

As for the the number of photos Larry and I actually shot this year that we have saved into our archiving system…yeah these numbers made me fear for the longevity of the shutters on our cameras…so roughly (because I’m just going by the # of items in the 2010 archive and am having to take the average of some of the months that the computer is refusing to calculate the file size) our combined total is around 145,000 images. I’m keeping who’s totals were what to myself since Larry and I always blame the other for shooting too much and taking up the most space on the hard drive…let’s just say it’s pretty evenish…but maybe leaning towards me just a little itty bitty bit.

If we had been shooting film, we would have burned through 6,042 rolls of 24 exposure rolls (not counting the ones that the film processor “ate”). And at $2.00 a roll would have cost the company $12,084.

Okay enough with the scary numbers, what am I a mathematician?!?!

Ultimately it’s fun to look back and remember what I saw and captured this past year.

And of course it’s the perfect time to make a few resolutions on photos that I hope to shoot next year!

~Meegan M. Reid

FRAMES: Best of 2010 Challenge: Round 5 (final)

Fantastic work this year everyone!

One of the reasons Derek and I started these photo challenges was to see what kind of photos everyone is shooting out there and it’s nice to see such a variety of subjects and shooting styles represented!

Here’s the final round of the Best 2010 challenge. Derek and I will start our back and forth emailing and we’ll try to get the standouts posted tomorrow…or Thursday…probably Thursday…well sometime before Saturday most definitely. 😉

To see all of the entries click here.

” Not a Black and White” by April Lagrow

“Cascades From Manchester” by jndkimble

“Sandhill Cranes Columbia River” by rgdimages

“Devotion” by Colette Wilson

“Whaling Days Fireworks” by Greg Jacobs

“Kyla Marie” by Colette Wilson

“Moon” by Warrick Wilson

“End of Summer” by trweis

FRAMES: Best of 2010 Challenge: Round 4

Round 4 of this week’s “Best of 2010” photo challenge are below.

To see all the photos entered thus far click HERE.

Today is the deadline for submitting your favorites of the year and even though we said the deadline was noon, I guarantee you can sneak them in at anytime today so get uploading!

“The Lady & Rainier” by Pam Ehrhardt

“Koi Fish” by kathy.darthmom

“One Loaf at a Time” by jndkimble

“Sign From Above” by Jerry Mercogliano

“Sunset on the North Sound” by ozmail

“Spring Blooms” by Karen Ebersole

“Lone Coho Spawning” by jndkimble

“Christmas is Big Valley” by Pam Ehrhardt

“The Road Home” by Dena Billings

“Have a Seat!” by Karen Ebersole

“Plastic Flowers” by Randy Kruzan

***note from the photographer:”My best photo is unconventional and taken with an unconventional camera- an iPhone and processed with a plastic filter.”***

“Morning Fog” by Dena Michele

“Chuck and a Friend” by Sharon O’Hara

FRAMES: Get Any Camera Gear?

Christmas and Hanukkah are over, so the real inventory begins. Did you get or give any cool photo or video related gifts? Gear, prints, books, doodads?

It’s really hard for Santa to keep up with all the weird stuff I want, so I’ll be treating myself after Christmas, methinks.

It’s silly, and way to much for a rational person to spend on a coffee mug, but I really want one of these…Don’t worry, Meegan, they make Nikon ones, too.

Ok, folks, leave a comment and tell us what you got or gave. Paste a link if you wish.

– Derek Sheppard

PS: Obvious posts from marketers hawking their wares will be deleted. So don’t bother.

FRAMES: Best of 2010 Challenge: Round 3

Here is round three of entries for our Best of 2010 Photo Challenge.

Deadline is December 28th. so hurry up and show us your favorite photo that you took in 2010!

“Colors of Heaven” by Faith N. Winters

“Taildragger” by Noelle Morris

“Moon Before Storm by jndkimble

“Bald Eagle Profile” by bflynn

“Summer Day” by Faith N. Winters

“Elephants in Masai Mara” by Wahkeena

“Tranquility on Oregon’s Lost Lake” by Debbie Nopp

“Contemplating the Unattainable” by kimmiee

“Garden Art” by Meghan Hill

FRAMES: Best of 2010 Challenge: Round 2

Here are a few more entries for our Best of 2010 Photo Challenge.

You have until December 28th. (although I might extend it depending on how many entries we receive) to show us your favorite photo that you shot in 2010. So search through those files of photos that everyone has stashed on their computers at home and show us what you think your best photo (or best 3 if you are having a hard time editing…as Larry and I have it edited down to about 25 each).


“Going For Gold” by Patricia Thomas

“One Less Tree” by hillmeg000

“A Child’s Wonder” by mattsgal1970

“Spawning Manchester” by jndkimble

“Evening Sail” by Rachel Rose

“The Road to a New Beginning” by denmichele

“My Boy” by Jill Holyoak

“Ying/Yang On The Shore” by rthackeray

“Dyes Inlet” by Howler49661

“Frog” by Stephen Castleton


Here’s a few from Larry and I that didn’t quite make our final edit for our “Best of the Year” post:

Vicky McGarrity gives Melody a hug as she gets ready to leave the milking area of the Hansville Creamery. Melody is the only goat on the farm that requires a hug before she steps down from the milking stand. (MEEGAN M. REID |  KITSAP SUN)

North Kitsap High School graduate Stacie Brown,center, shows her enthusiasm as she gets ready to hug a classmate after the commencement ceremony at the North Kitsap High School Stadium. (LARRY STEAGALL |  KITSAP SUN)

Bainbridge’s Clara Dunn is congratulated by Brittany Wisner, who played on the 2009 state championship team, after the Spartans won their semifinal game. (MEEGAN M. REID | KITSAP SUN)

USS Connecticut  sailor RC Brain Polifka holds his son Christopher, 5 months, for the first time as the ship returned  to port at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton Pier Delta after a six month deployment. (LARRY STEAGALL |  KITSAP SUN)

FRAMES: An Eclipse, Batteries and Clouds

I should have known that I struck out a long time ago. The northern lights? Strike one. The Perseid meteor shower? Strike two. The harvest moon? Strike three.

And last night? The lunar eclipse? Strike four. Thankfully Angela posted a few examples and a great video for those of you (and me) who missed it.

The disaster went something like this:
* Get home around 11:15 p.m. after seeing an old college friend, and look for my camera.
* Realize my batteries are dead from a shoot earlier this week, curse at the charger and watch impatiently as the little red light blips. Slowly.
* Hope I get some juice by 11:40, when the eclipse is full.
* Run outside, crane my long lens skyward and attempt focusing. Accidentally fire off a shot, mutter knowing the exposure is crazy long, and decide in resignation to hold it still and hope for something artful. That’s the photo you see.
* Raise the camera to my eye again. Sigh. Battery’s dead. Stare at the glowing red moon in amazement for about 15 seconds.


* Lightbulb goes off because I’m standing next to my car. A car with a two-pronged power plug. And my charger has an attachment to run continuous power from a plug!
* I run upstairs to my apartment, furiously root around for the charger thingy, and run back outside.
* Fire up my car, plug in the doodad and my camera and look skyward again.
* Aaaand just then, a thick band of clouds obscures the moon entirely. Fantastic.
* Mutter a few choice words, decide I’ve got to get up in six hours and give up.

At least I saw it for a few seconds. That’s something, right?

– Derek Sheppard