FRAMES: “Why Couldn’t…”

Quite often when Larry and I are back in our office (which we lovingly and snarkily call the “photo cave”)  we end up doing a bit of “Why couldn’t…” as we edit photos from our latest assignment.

Larry’s most commonly used “Why couldn’t…” statement almost always deals with the color red. He’ll pull up a photo tone it all up and then groan and say, “Why couldn’t that kid/lady/guy be wearing a red shirt?!?!” Or “Why couldn’t they be carrying red umbrellas!?!?”  I am pretty sure I have even heard him say, “Why couldn’t that sunset have had more red in it!?!?!”

We photogs are a fan of bright colors, especially when it’s all gray and dreary outside and we just can’t resist those colorful umbrellas. Just remember that tidbit of information when you are purchasing a brand new bumbershoot this winter. Grab that brightly colored one with the pattern and walk around downtown Bremerton with it- odds are in your favor that we will be on the look out for a rainy day weather feature and will focus (pun intended in Derek’s honor) on you.

So when Larry came back with the photo below, a cheer of “SHE HAD A RED UMBRELLA!” rang out of our office.

Cat Leger of Port Orchard enjoys the art displayed in the windows of the Amy Burnett Gallery in downtown Bremerton on a rainy Tuesday. (LARRY STEAGALL  | KITSAP SUN)

My “Why couldn’t…” statement/questions usually go something like, “Why couldn’t there be a little dog, cat, or bird over here (gesturing towards a point in the frame). It’s not that I’m really crazy about animals or anything (I swear), I just like my photos to be balanced by some sort of creature now and then. Hence was the case with the photo below- while It makes a fine graphic shot it would have been a lot cooler had there been birds flying there to the left of the kite. Just one bird, or two birds…ooooooh or a whole flock of geese in a “v” formation!!

Instead I shall settle for a smiling Snow White and wait for the “kite + geese super photo” to present itself someday.


Jaylin Zeitler’s Snow White kite soars through the sky above Evergreen Rotary Park in Bremerton. (MEEGAN M. REID |  KITSAP SUN)

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