PHOTO: Carl Sagan Hates Me

Kitsap Sun reader "Mamacub" was lucky enough to get a view of Wednesday's harvest moon through a break in the clouds over Manchester.

I don’t know what I did to the guy, but the late Carl Sagan really has it in for me. I imagine he’s up there in the heavens marveling at the astronomical wonderment that’s captivated parts of the globe in recent months. All the while he’s calling in a few favors with his cosmic pals, making sure that guy in Bremerton, Derek Sheppard, doesn’t get an invite to the party. Sure, he’s thrown a few nice sunsets my way, but we can be certain we’ll get at least one of those a day.

The latest injustice? Last night’s harvest moon. Or “super harvest moon”. The Seattle P-I’s Big Blog has a good link that explains what the fuss is about. It’s the first time since 1991 that the harvest moon has coincided with the autumnal equinox.

I was out last night patrolling, hoping to get a shot of the glorious orange moon rising over Port Orchard, as it reflected warm bendy rays from the setting sun. Clouds had another idea. Sagan!!!! (I shake my fist in frustration.) I got a wee glimpse through a sliver in the clouds. But it wasn’t much. A tease, really.

Thankfully one of our readers is in Sagan’s good graces. The photo above is from Mamacub, who did get a clear view from Manchester. I did see the moon peek through the clouds later in the evening, but by that time the sun had set, and the moon was, well, just a full moon.

This follows last month’s astronomical dud: The Perseid meteor shower. I drove out to the middle of nowhere in Mason County, skrinked my neck staring skyward for an hour or so, and got little more than a sprinkle from the meteor “shower”. Our local amateur astronomer Dale Ireland and I had an email exchange after. We agreed, it was a dud.

A couple weeks before that, we had “Borora Snorealis.” Western Washington missed out on a rare opportunity to see the northern lights. If you’re still smarting after that one, our friendly neighbors to the north now have a webcam streaming the lights.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do have some astro luck. Next time something cool happens in the sky, I hope to be in Sagan’s good graces.

– Derek Sheppard

2 thoughts on “PHOTO: Carl Sagan Hates Me

  1. Derek-
    I agree about the lack of spectacular astronomy this summer. But repectfully I have to ask, what’s the Carl Sagan connection? He was an astronomer, sure. But also equally known for his skepticism about the conventional view of omniscient GOD and the afterlife. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that he’s looking down at YOU from the heavens. But good luck with your future starwatching.

    1. Thanks for reading. I was just having a little fun with irony and sarcasm. I definitely wasn’t being serious about Sagan conspiring against me from the afterlife. Thanks for the starwatching well wishes. A close friend just bought a really expensive telescope, so I’m looking forward to some quality stargazing soon. As soon as the clouds cooperate, anyway.

      – Derek

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