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PHOTO: Challenge #23 Cellphone Favorites

August 18th, 2010 by Meegan Reid

Since Derek is/has been uber busy with stories he’s left it up to me to post our favorite cellphone photos from last week’s challenge.

Here’s what you should know, I do not use the camera on my cellphone, nor have I ever used it. Okay maybe I took one picture one time but it’s still on there because I don’t even know how to get the photo off of the phone.

I am not against cellphone cameras, if that’s the only camera you have, well by all means photograph away! It’s just I usually have between 1-3 cameras in my bag or on my shoulders most of the time, so my need for a cellphone camera has never been that great.

But I digress here are our favorites for the week:

“Oscar” by ladypoohbear

That’s right it’s a little dog in a mailbox and gosh darn it it’s pretty darn adorable! Aside from the silly cuteness of it it’s just a well composed photo but maybe a better title would have been “The Mailman’s Worst Nightmare” or something along those lines. ;)

by Kathryn Simpson

Who needs room in their kayak for all that fancy camera gear when a small cellphone camera captures such a beautiful scene right in front of you?!?! This photo has a nice perspective with the nose of the kayak just off center of the frame and the sun just off center of that- really just a great use of the rule of thirds (which happens to be this weeks challenge hint hint).

“Warhol Bainbridge Ferry Dock” by Warrick Wilson

Some might think that a picture of  the Bainbridge ferry dock is well frankly just a picture of a ferry dock, but when teamed up with an in-phone photo editing application it becomes a real work of art ready to be hung on the wall, or used as screensaver for your phone.

~Meegan M. Reid

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One Response to “PHOTO: Challenge #23 Cellphone Favorites”

  1. Kathryn Simpson Says:

    Thanks for the kind words about the picture. It is one of my favorites taken from the kayak in the past couple of weeks.

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