PHOTOS: Final Kitsap Frames Cell Entries. Round 3.

Our cellphone photo challenge has come to a close.

Here are a few of the remaining entries that we received. Click here if you would like to view all the entries.

Stay tuned and we’ll try to pick our favorites and post a new challenge later this afternoon/evening.

“Mt. Rainier- Sunrise” by Surfergirl

“Foggy Coast” by Angela Dice (SUN STAFF)

“Stunned Hummingbird” by kebersole

“Dean” by Sharon O’Hara

“Warhol Bainbridge Ferry Dock” by Warrick Wilson

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Final Kitsap Frames Cell Entries. Round 3.

  1. Those photos are beautiful. I’m discusted with myself for not finding time to send my entries in. However, I am pleased to have learned that my cell phone can indeed take some great photos. I was very surprised at what I got. Of course, I do have an exceptional cell phone which I purchased specifically for the camera; it has 8 megapixils which is unheard of with regular phones; in that sense, I guess I should expect mine to be good and should not have been surprised! Anyway, thanks for getting me to “pay attention” and check out my camera (cell phone) properly. I did have a good time with it.
    Patti Wilson

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