PHOTO: Borora Snorealis

Maybe some of you were camped along rural roads, beaches and byways last night hoping to see some Auroroa Borealis, or the Northern Lights.

What you see there is not the Northern Lights. It’s an unintentionally out of focus area north of Kitsap that seemed to be glowing orange. It sums up our success last night seeing the lights.

Meegan and I went out to Seabeck, stared north for an hour or so, and kept second-guessing if we were seeing the lights at all. Turns out those of us around here missed them, but hope isn’t lost. The Seattle PI has a good writeup explaining that Wednesday, and especially Thursday, may hold better odds.

If you head out, here’s a primer on getting a shot. Sturdy tripod. Use a cable release or timer if you have one. Go wide angle to start. Use your maximum aperture. ISO around 400. Try a 20-30 second exposure. Experiment. Good luck.

Here’s a couple more from last night. Maybe Meegan will post what she got when she comes into work later.

– Derek Sheppard

5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Borora Snorealis

  1. I’ve tried several times to see the northern lights, but haven’t succeeded yet. I’ll have to go out tonight and see if i have any luck.

  2. I will try again tonight. Have only seen them once in Eastern WA. Couldn’t figure why everyone didn’t pull off the road to look, too.

  3. Sounds like no one around here saw anything Wednesday night, either. I’m assuming neither of you had luck?

    I may head out tonight to give it one last try.

    – Derek

  4. The second and third photos (Borora Snorealis)are from Seabeck Landing looking east toward Siverdale. The lights are from the Bangor Sub. base, not the northern lights ,but close.

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