VIDEO: Beats of Justice

It’s decided. I’m quitting my day job, buying some huge headphones and dedicating my life to hunching over a pair of turntables. Happy accidents have a way of doing these things to people.

Ask yourself what these three men have to do with hip hop. Yes. I can see the confusion on your faces. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in a moment.

Our Web editor is taking a much deserved vacation this week, so I filled in yesterday to coordinate the live stream and recording of our editorial board meeting. The editorial board was interviewing state Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders and his challengers, former Court of Appeals Judge Charlie Wiggins and Pierce County Superior Court Judge Bryan Chushcoff. So when, you might be asking, do these guys drop some savage beats during the 45 minute video?

Never. Exactly. The live stream went well, and I assure you no one beatboxed. Something did happen later when I was preparing the taped version of the interview of the Web, though.

At first, the audio track didn’t work. A technical mistake on my part created an audio track that was twice as fast as it’s supposed to be – think chipmunks. So after much heavy processing and a few grumbles from yours truly, I fixed the audio and exported the video. Or so I thought I fixed it. Reading the caption with the video reveals an omission. The last fifteen minutes were unusable for the Web broadcast. For my own enjoyment, however, it was a burlap sack full of awesome.

There was one funky algorithm laying down some beats in my computer that would have made Grandmaster Flashproud.

Who knew a Supreme Court justice debate would be sampling gold? Here’s a slice of that 15 minutes of audio. Honestly, this is how it exported.

Take a listen…

Now I need to think of a DJ name…

– Derek Sheppard