PHOTO: A Silhouette From Back in the Day

In case you haven’t seen the gigantic banner that hangs on the front of our building, the Kitsap Sun is celebrating it’s 75th. anniversary this year.

Managing editor David Nelson has been periodically handing me old slides (for those youngsters out there “slides” are transparency film in little holders that people would then put into projectors and torture their friends by making them watch slide shows of their family vacation photos) to scan as we get things ready for the occasion.

While scanning the following photo I couldn’t help but notice the front page photo of this November 13, 1985 issue was a silhouette.

Wait a silhouette?!!? Might this be a Larry Steagall silhouette photo?

After digging through the micro film boxes I did find the photo with the following cutline attached:

Chilled Greens

An early morning golfer in East Bremerton sets off for the first tee across a layer of frost that characterizes the week’s clear chill. It got down to 25 degrees for the second straight time overnight.

And yes of course it was taken by our own Larry Steagall who still, after 25 years, can’t resist a good silhouette photo…case in point look what he brought in today:

A deer munches on the tall grass at dusk in  East Park near the Bremerton YMCA.


Derek also said I had to put how old the rest of us in the department were in 1985 just to drive Larry crazy:

Meegan 5

Derek 4

Ted (the intern) -5

~Meegan M. Reid

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    1. We will have a photo gallery made of all the 75th anniversary stuff later this month. I’ll also post the really neat ones I come across and hopefully Derek and I can pester Larry enough to get him to let us see some of his really old work (rumor has it he has some really cool Led Zeppelin concert photos etc.).

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