PHOTO: More On Bremerton’s Fish Statues

Earlier this week I told you to be on the lookout for my fish/fisherman statue project. Well, this isn’t it. Exactly.

I was going to make one of these (A Quicktime VR), but the more I looked into it, the more I realized it wouldn’t work well. Instead, I went with a straight-up panorama. If there’s anything you’d like to nominate as a QTVR project, feel free to suggest something in the comments.

Usually I don’t post the larger file sizes, but this one really makes more sense viewed large. Click the photo to see the bigger one.

This one’s taken from the northwest corner of Fourth and Pacific. Hopefully it gives you a decent perspective on the man and manerfish statues.

I also noticed something else new about about the statues and new light poles downtown. Sounds like we may have another blog entry on that, too. Do you see it?

– Derek Sheppard

5 thoughts on “PHOTO: More On Bremerton’s Fish Statues

  1. Great photo. The statues are actually pretty cool looking.

    I see a camera on one of the light posts.

  2. This ‘fisherman’ looks like he’s trying to do ballet. Or take a whiz…

    The cameras aren’t a surprise. I guess they foresaw the probability of graffiti. I think the average tagger has too much pride to put his signature on these statues.

  3. There are also no street lights on the camera street lamp pole, guess they didn’t want their prize possesion in the spotlight

  4. Nice shot – the statues – the buildings look clean and sharp. Anyone seeing this photo would likely think, “What a nice looking town!” and want to move here.

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