Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge #13 Entries…So Far…

Maybe #13 is unlucky. Or you’re all very busy this week. You’ve got until noon tomorrow to get your Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge entry. Remember the theme this week is “drinks.”

There’s a paucity of entries so far, so get shooting, folks!

Big props this week for ckcspatti for submitting this photo:

Photographer’s note: The description for this photo is actually on the photo. For the most part, “Emma” sat with her bottom on a step, just like the people, and watched the show; however, she got bored and apparently the pop smelled good!

I also did some shooting this weekend during an outing to Seattle. First up was a stop at the Red Door for a burger and a beer. Decided to combine this week’s and last’s. Food and drink. At the end of the meal, anyway. Then myself and some friends stopped by Fremont Brewing for some samples and a tour.

So remember, you’ve still got time to submit to our challenge this week. 🙂 If you’ve got a photo with the theme “drinks”, submit it here. We’ll post some thoughts on the entries tomorrow.

– Derek Sheppard