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For the good of the game (the poll)

Yesterday, I posted an archive of our coverage of South Kitsap Soccer Club and its history of friction, both within the club and within the hierarchy of youth soccer. This was in relation to a couple of articles we’ve run in our sports section about SKSC over the past couple of days. One dealt with the club’s change in affiliation to a state-level parent organization. The other was about the recent resignation of SKSC president Mike Kerr, who cited his disgust with the state of youth soccer on the Kitsap Peninsula.

I invite you to check out sports reporter Jeff Graham’s take on youth sports and those “games” that get played off the field.

Also, I’d like your take on Big Dawg’s comment on Jeff’s column about running youth sports organizations:
“The entire business model is broken. You need a GM who has actually run a large organization. They should be paid. Have a “volunteer Board” above them and a “volunteer” staff below them, however you need that stability and level of expertise.”

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