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The Bremerton bypass

View Rocky Point shortcut in a larger map It came to my attention a few months ago that there was a way to travel through West Bremerton without using most of Kitsap Way or 11th Street. I was late in learning this, I’ll admit, but in my defense I had used the path in the past without really knowing it.

What I found interesting is that people use this path on purpose. If you’re traveling between East Bremerton and any part in West Bremerton north of 11th and east of Marine Drive, there is a logical path.

The regular route takes you past all the Kitsap Way businesses, then past Safeway and the Bremerton High School sign on 11th. The alternate route has you travel a scenic route on Phinney Bay, past the Hi-Lo Cafe and the actual high school, exiting at Olympic College. You can see both routes on the attached map.

The alternate path will probably get used a lot for the two months in most of June and all of July that 11th Street is closed between Montgomery Avenue and Naval Avenue. Here is the story on that closure.

I’m not sure why it makes sense otherwise. Perhaps you can educate me. On Sunday I had gone to visit my dad and the weather was wonderful and there was time available to me and the show on NPR was compelling, so I decided to drive both the alternate and regular routes and time them. Traveling from Warren Avenue to Marine Drive the time was pretty much a wash. Going the other way, however, traveling Kitsap Way and 11th Street was way faster in getting to that point where both routes intersect, Warren Avenue and 16th Street.

Did I choose the correct shortcut?

It’s getting close to 3 p.m., so maybe I’ll go try it again while there is lots of traffic on the street. Perhaps that makes a difference.

If you are a regular shortcut user, I’d love to know why.

UPDATE: I just drove the regular route again during heavy traffic and it’s still a bunch faster. As for red-light cameras, I don’t think you pass any along either way. Besides, people have been taking this shortcut for years, long before red-light cameras were introduced. I figure it’s the scenery and the predictability. With fewer lights at all there are fewer lengthy stops.

Roundabouts: Don’t go in if you can’t get out

To suggest a little roundabout etiquette I ask that you look at this picture. I doctored it to remove the license plate numbers, so no one feels like I’m shaming them. I’m approaching the Manette Bridge on Lower Wheaton Way.

Travis Baker, our resident road warrior may correct me if I am wrong, but I see a problem with this picture.

The stoppage at this roundabout, located at the east end of the bridge, is because of ongoing construction work on the span. Because of the construction, no one going onto the bridge will be able to continue that way. I suggest that drivers should have stopped before entering the roundabout, because if someone coming from the left (Harkins Street from Pitt Avenue) on this photo wanted to pull a U-turn by completely circling the roundabout, they would be unable. This might be tough, because people generally don’t learn about the stoppage until they’ve already entered the roundabout. I can’t fault them. However, in this picture it’s getting close to a point where a car would be unable to turn right from Harkins onto Lower Wheaton Way opposite the direction I’m going.

This could be a bigger problem once traffic starts exiting the bridge. If enough cars opposite the bridge enter the roundabout and wait, they could block the path of those wanting to turn onto Lower Wheaton Way.

Anyone want to dispute my contention? Drivers on Lower Wheaton are not inconvenienced at all in this picture, because if the first car does as I suggest no one is moving forward anyway. The potential problem here is for those entering the roundabout from Harkins or the bridge.