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Nathan Adrian traffic moment scheduled

Bremerton, as promised, will host a free, public event at which it will rename a street Nathan Adrian Drive. The location is off Schley Boulevard, across from the Glenn Jarstad Aquatic Center. The event is at 4 p.m. Monday.

Nathan Adrian, for those of you from Port Orchard, is a Bremerton High School grad and recently went to London and came home with some precious metal in the form of two gold medals and one silver from the London Olympic Games. One of his gold medals was for being the fastest 100-meter freestyle swimmer in the world.

Blogger’s note: Port Orchard folks, don’t be offended. My ribbing of you and Chris Henry’s lame attempts to make fun of Bremerton go way back. If you like, you should consider yourself “on notice.” And it should be noted that someone I went to school with in California lives in Port Orchard, or at least South Kitsap, and is quite the swimmer, too. He’s no Nathan Adrian, but you can hold your head high.