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Silverdale incorporation boundaries

Brynn writes:

It sounds like there’s some confusion about where the southernmost boundaries fall for the proposed city of Silverdale. Without a clear road running east to west, it’s a little hard to tell people whether their home falls in the proposed boundaries, or outside. So far I’ve just been saying the boundary is just south of Newberry Hill Road.

While most of Chico and all of Eldorado Hills have been cut from the proposed city, there is still a section of northern Chico that is included in the incorporation boundaries. Citizens United for Silverdale, the group proposing the incorporation, recently changed the boundaries from the county’s 2006 comprehensive plan update with its extended urban growth area boundaries, to the county’s 2005 urban growth area boundaries that didn’t include much of Chico.

The change was in direct response to public input last month at a Boundary Review Board meeting where a number of people in Chico and Eldorado Hills asked to be removed from the proposed boundaries.

Without a specific street, it’s hard to say what homes are on the line, and what homes are outside. If you know your home was not in the 2005 urban growth area for Silvedale, then you’re not in the proposed city boundaries. If you have no idea, I’d recommend emailing the incorporation proponents with your address to see where you fall: UniteSilverdale@gmail.com.

Here’s my best attempt at trying to explain who is still in and who is out. If you live in the Emery Ridge development, or between Emery Ridge and Newberry Hill, then your home falls in the proposed city limits. If you live near Holly Park Drive, you might be on the edge, so send an email to inquire. If you’re significantly south of Holly Park Drive, you’re not in the city limits.

Here’s the map the group is using, but it’s hard to tell exactly what homes fall in or out. Reminder the BRB will hear the incorporation attempt again at its meeting this Thursday, 7 p.m. at the Silverdale Beach Hotel, 3073 Bucklin Hill Road.