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Rolfes returns Port Orchard pigeon to owners

Amy Phan writes:

After a weeklong stay at Rep. Christine Rolfes’ Bainbridge Island home, a lost black-and-white show pigeon from Port Orchard was ready to go home.

Rolfes said her husband found the bird in their backyard last Friday. Her kids went and got bird food and lured the bird into a chicken cage.
Rolfes contacted several pigeon clubs in the area, attempting to find the bird’s owners.

But the Bainbridge Democrat wasn’t having any luck.

For a week, the bird, which the Rolfeses named “Anthony”, lived with the family’s other pets including chickens, cockatiel and rabbit.

“Everyone got along fine,” she said.

After failed attempts at reunited Anthony and its owner, Rolfes said she got on Craigslist to see how much a pigeon cage would cost — she figured the family would adopt Anthony as a rescue pet.

Rolfes clicked on the lost and found section of the Web site.

“It was the first link on the page — lost, white and black bird,” she said.

The Port Orchard owners said their bird flew out of their open door.

On Friday, the owners traveled to Rolfes’ Bainbridge Island home for the reunion.

Rolfes was glad the owner and her pet was reunited.

“It was a fun adventure with no long term commitment,” said Rolfes, laughing. “It was a nice animal, but we really didn’t want another pet in our home.”