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Kitsap County’s got drivers on its radar

I just filed a story about a federal road safety grant Kitsap County received to place 10 stationary radar signs in speeding trouble spots throughout the county.

Surely you’ve seen those signs that display the posted speed limit and flash angrily if you exceed it … not that I’d know from personal experience. Ahem.

The signs, in pairs, will monitor traffic in either direction along five stretches of road where drivers are known to have lead feet. The five locations were chosen based on residents’ complaints, traffic studies, data on speeding in each neighborhood and accident rates.

The county already has three radar signs, which it moves about to areas of greatest need. The 10 new signs will be semi-permanent.

Look on the map below (click on each pin for details) to see if your neighborhood is one of the chosen. Where else would you like to see radar signs? Do you find them effective?

To comment on traffic in your neighborhood, call Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, at (360) 337-5777 or email jshea@co.kitsap.wa.us.

View Kitsap County Radar Signs in a larger map