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Color South Kitsap Fire & Rescue Pink

Here’s a picture of all 100 employees of South Kitsap Fire & Rescue decked out in pink T-shirts. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The shirts were purchased by the firefighters union and each employee made a $10 donation back to the union to be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Pictured are members of Local 2876 uniformed Firefighters and Inspectors, Local 2876 non-uniformed members from Fleet, Facilities, Clerical and Information Technology, members of the Battalion Chiefs Local 3819, and non represented employees.
“Everyone came together for this worthy cause,” said Battalion Chief Mike Wernet.

SKFR Support Breast Cancer Awareness

There has been plenty of backlash against the ubiquitousness of the pink ribbon campaign. A report on the Huffington Post from 2009, for example, advises consumers to “think before you pink.” Some companies, the report says, “just slap some pink on their packaging and a “Breast Cancer Awareness” emblem, but don’t take it a step further by donating any proceeds.” The article includes a link to Breast Cancer Action, which tracks donations to the cause.

I’m not suggesting that SKFR’s efforts are anything but noble. But the press release kicked off a conversation in the newsroom that surely comes up every October. Why does breast cancer get all the attention? What about other types of cancer? What about other diseases?

What are your thoughts on pink ribbons? Why do you think the campaign has been so successful? What could promoters of other causes learn from those promoting Breast Cancer Awareness?