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Exploring paranormal activity

Brynn writes:

Just in time for Halloween I’ve got answers to frequently asked questions about the paranormal.  I was given the questions and answers by Neil McNeill, a researcher and educator of paranormal studies. He was in Port Gamble this weekend for the second annual Ghost Conference.

He and a panel of other paranormal experts (he says “expert” isn’t the best way to describe them, but it’s the best descriptor I can come up with) were at the conference to answer people’s questions about the paranormal and to teach them about gathering information at sites known for paranormal activity.

Some might be quick to dismiss this whole idea of spirits, ghosts, or the paranormal — hey,  I get it, I’m a journalist who was taught “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” (By my own mother nonetheless). But I have to say, after sitting through the debriefing Sunday and hearing the panel of “experts” speak about their experiences and their knowledge, it was pretty fascinating.

I think what helps is, they get it, they know what Hollywood has done to most of us in mainstream America — we have been taught to believe at a young age that ghosts are somehow trapped here, or that they’re angry or want to haunt the living. But according to the “experts” that’s not necessarily the case.

Apparitions, as I learned they’re called, have free will — they can come and go as they want. They also don’t only come out at night, however it’s easier for those studying the paranormal to do their research at night because there is less external factors to deal with — like, cars and outside noise.

If you’re interested in learning more about the paranormal, here’ s a couple of websites to check out (these were recommended in the FAQ sheet) www.parapsych.org and www.rhine.org.

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