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Locals start Japan relief fundraisers

To help those affected by the earthquake and tusnami (and impending nuclear crisis) in Japan, businesses and individuals from the Kitsap Peninsula have started donation drives and offering help through the Navy and relief organizations. Here are several efforts that we know of so far.

• Poulsbo Company Grounds for Change has created a Japan Relief Blend to raise money for Mercy Corps. It will donate $2 from each $10 bag sold.

• Members of the Peninsula Japanese Women’s Club started calling friends and family Monday to collect donations, which they will give to the Red Cross. The club is comprised mainly of older women who were born in Japan and came to the Kitsap Peninsula, often with their Navy husbands. (Disclaimer: My grandma belongs to this group, which is how I know about and trust it enough to mention it.)

• Bainbridge Gardens will match up to $1,000 of customers’ donations to the American Red Cross. People can drop off their donations at the gardens at 9415 Miller Road NE.

• Naturally 4Paws in Silverdale has set out a donation jar and will pledge 100 percent of Thursday’s profits to benefit the World Vets organization.

If you know of other local fundraisers, please let everyone know about it in the comments or e-mail sunnews@kitsapsun.com.

Additionally, dozens of nonprofit relief agencies are collecting donations online:

As always, be careful to whom you donate money. Donations scams started popping up shortly after this disaster. The Secretary of State’s Office has a good guide on how to avoid scams while helping earthquake and tsunami victims.