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Time to move on for Manette’s Kate

If your friends from Manette seem to have long faces lately, it could be because of the news that the owner of Kate’s Jersey Subs has put the business up for sale.

Kate Reid, owner of the sandwich and pizza restaurant, has plastered a sign in the window offering a phone number to potential buyers. I had heard rumors a while back that Reid was considering selling. I talked to her about it in September when folks in Manette were ready to celebrate their community even while they were suffering from a closed bridge. She said then she had thought about it.

On Wednesday I stopped by for a sandwich and Emily at the counter told me Kate just found it was time to move on. Owning a restaurant is tough work. It can get tiring.

Kate and Brad Reid bought the business in 2003 from Pete Retzlaff, who founded the business and ran it for six years. The Reids changed two letters of the business’ name from Pete’s to Kate’s, but not much from the menu right away. A few years back they started offering pizzas.

No word yet if there are any potential buyers.