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Washington’s bear dogs make national news

Brynn writes:

I was off all last week, so am late getting this up, but in case you missed it the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Karelian Bear Dog program was featured on Good Morning America last week. The videographer was there when we did our video/photography of three bear cubs being released into the Central Cascades.

Here’s the link to the video on abc.com.

If you look close during a shot of the release of the three bears, you can see me standing in the back of the truck holding a video camera (I’m wearing a black jacket). I used the footage I shot for the story I wrote for the June 19 edition of the paper. That story, and the video, can be found by clicking here.

It’s great to see the dogs and their officers recognized for the work they do to minimize the number of black bears that have to be killed because they won’t leave populated areas. Using the dogs allows them to scare the bears back into the woods, with the intent they’ll never want to come back to civilization.