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How healthy are ya feeling Kitsap County?

Is Kitsap County a healthy place to live?

You can sound off on this question through the end of today (Aug. 15) in an online survey posted by Harrison Medical Center, Kitsap United Way and Kitsap County Health District.

The survey seeks residents’ opinions on the importance of a host of factors related to health: substance abuse, seat belt use, crime, education, transportation … even arts and culture, to name a few. Surveyors want to know if you’re satisfied with your life here in Kitsapland, whether you think it’s a good place to raise kids or grow old. What are the barriers to health, you’ll be asked to comment. What do you like about living here? What don’t you like?

I estimate the survey would take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

And what will they do with all the information they gather? The three main sponsors, with nine other participating agencies will use survey data to identify the community’s consensus on health priorities. Agencies involved will then collaborate on ways to tackle problems and foster those things that make us feel healthier.

So, I’ll ask here, “How healthy are ya feeling Kitsap?”

What are the five top things that contribute to your sense of health and well-being?

What are your five top barriers to health?

What governments or agencies would you think are in the best position to make Kitsap a healthier place to live?

And finally, if you’ve lived elsewhere, how does Kitsap compare for healthy living? (see poll on homepage of this blog)

P.S. Speaking of healthy living, my car is in the shop, so I decided to ride my bike to the foot ferry. All was going well until I got a flat tire about halfway there. I walked the bike the rest of the way, ready to call the whole thing a complete fail. But Fred Karakas of Olympic Bike & Skate fixed the tire in jig time, so I was only a half-hour later than I thought I’d be. With construction on Highway 3 set to begin Aug. 22, I’d consider doing it again, but I’m obviously on a learning curve. Lesson # 1: Bring a flat repair kit.