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Food bank feeds the wounded soul

Man does not live by bread alone, so the saying goes. In this case, flowers filled the void.

I happened on this post shared Thursday on Facebook by South Kitsap Helpline Executive Director Jennifer Hardison:

“The following story is one example of why I love working at the South Kitsap Helpline…our fantastic staff and volunteers always seem to go above and beyond for those in need!”

The food bank, it seems, recently got a call, from a woman whose mother had passed away.

“They were having a small memorial for her today at a local park and she was so worried there would be no flowers as she couldn’t afford to purchase them,” Hardison said.

The woman asked if Helpline could donate any flowers from their greenhouse nursery, the organization’s garden/revenue source. Not much was in bloom but for some dahlias in the garden.

Volunteer Mary-cathern Edwards and another woman, Cathy Deisler gathered flowers, ferns and herbs from the nursery as well as from their neighbors, who donated to the cause. The two women put together seven cut flower arrangements in glass vases.
Helpline Flowers
The woman was “absolutely overwhelmed and so very, very grateful,” Hardison said.

The woman did not care to be interviewed for this blog post.

Our condolences on your loss.

Chris Henry
Kitsap Sun