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South Colby principal on Evening Magazine tonight

Fans of South Colby Principal Brian Pickard will want to tune in at 7 p.m. tonight to KING5’s “Evening Magazine.” Pickard will be featured on a segment about the program’s “Best of Western Washington” He edged out well over a hundred other nominees in the “Best Principal” category.

Although many school districts represented in the 2012 Best Principal contest are larger than South Kitsap, results show that the South Colby PTSO really knows how to get out the vote.

“Evening Magazine’s” executive producer Mark Erskine couldn’t pinpoint the exact number of votes, because the company KING5 contracts with to register and tally votes is back east, preoccupied by Hurricane Sandy. Erskine noted that Best of Western Washington really is a popularity contest. The station has no control over who wins. It all came down to Pickard’s enthusiastic supporters.

“Our viewers have selected him Best Principal of Western Washington,” Erskine said. “Hey, it’s a democracy.”

“Best of Western Washington,” now in its 20th year, is one of the oldest “best of” contests in the region. The 2012 contest generated more than 500,000 votes in all categories (there are dozens). The “best of” web page on the KING5 site got more than 1 million page views.

Not all “best of” winners get their own segments. Since this is TV, the producers look for stories with a strong visual element. “Best principal is always good because there’s a whole school behind it,” said Erskine. “There’s students. There’s teachers. There’s emotion.”

So it wasn’t Pickard’s Superman suit that won producers over? Not so much, Erskine said. But there’s no doubt South Colby’s love of the 20-year principal helped push the envelope.

PTSO member Tiffany Wilhelm, who nominated Pickard called him an “amazing principal.” “He believes that every child is capable of success — no exceptions, and encourages that pledge among both the kids AND all adults within the building,” Wilhelm said. “Our school community is stronger because he is part of it.”

Pickard was right back at’cha with the PTSO. “It’s a great group of people,” he said. “They’ve been incredibly supportive.”

“Evening Magazine’s” “Best of Western Washington” coverage will continue throughout the rest of the week. The show airs at 7 p.m. Monday through Friday on KING5 TV.

Vote for Pickard, supporter says

Sure the presidential debate is tonight, but did you know there is another momentous contest afoot?

Tiffany Wilhelm, a member of the Parent Teacher Student Organization at South Colby Elementary, informs us that Brian Pickard, longtime principal, is leading the pack in King 5/ Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington contest. Yes, scroll on down past “Best Amateur Athlete,” “Hottest Firefighter,” and “Best Comedian,” and you’ll see Pickard — in his superman outfit — in first place with 150 votes.

Wilhelm, leaving nothing to chance, contacted to Kitsap Sun to make a shameless pitch for Pickard and to encourage other voters to step forward. She’s the one who submitted the superman picture (Pickard apparently doesn’t know the fuzzy image of him at some school event has gone public), and Wilhelm says it’s fitting.

“He really is a Super Hero in our school,” Wilhelm said in an email, “He is willing to do just about anything for the kids, including be duct taped to a wall, dye his hair blue, kiss a pig, become a human ice cream sundae and so much more.”

On the first day of school this year, Pickard organized parents, former parents and community members to greet arriving students with a “Tunnel of Hope.” In his words: “This Tunnel of Hope is to meet and greet all the students (treasures!!) and their parents (also treasures!!) arriving at SC on the first day and give them the most amazing welcome and positive feelings they have ever experienced.” Wilhelm described walking through the Tunnel of Hope as a “fantastic way to start the year” for students and parents, alike.

“Mr. Pickard is an amazing principal,” Wilhelm said. “He believes that every child is capable of success — no exceptions, and encourages that pledge among both the kids AND all adults within the building. Our school community is stronger because he is part of it.”

A principal from “big ‘ol Bothel” is edging in on Pickard’s lead, Wilhelm says. She encourages South Colby constituents to get out the vote between now and the contest deadline Oct. 12.