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Efforts to reduce spam on this blog

Dear Peninsular Thinking blog readers – Due to the ridiculous volume of spam we have been receiving, I have tightened the spam filter on the blog. If for some reason, you suspect that your comment on any post has inadvertently been filtered out, email me at

If you write something of any length that will be hard or laborious to recreate, I suggest you save it on another document before posting the comment. Let me know how it goes, and we will adjust as necessary.

Thanks, Chris Henry
Kitsap Sun

Countdown clock will change

Well, our countdown clock here is no longer all about the new Manette Bridge. Nor will it always be about Manette or Bremerton. From time to time we will change the thing to reflect something worth counting down. We’re going to have to change the look, too, because the one we have now is not as easy to work with as a bona fide WordPress widget. Assuming we can get the one we want to work, that’s what we will be using.

Any suggestions for countdowns are welcome.