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Silverdale Haselwood Family YMCA healthy kids day planned

Brynn writes:

Looking to help burn some of that endless energy your little rug-rats seem to have so much of this weekend? On Saturday the Silverdale Haselwood Family YMCA is hosting a Healthy Kids Day at the site of its new facility.

The event is free, and kid friendly (hence the name of the event). It’s open to everyone and runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Festivities include activities for children of all ages and their parents. There will be a stage set up for speakers, live entertainment and demonstrations of athletic activities like Zumba, that are offered at the YMCA. Face painting and raffle opportunities will also be available.

There will also be a kids fitness challenge. Those unfamiliar with the Y and its offerings can also learn about the Silverdale facility while at the event and sign up for a membership if they’re interested.

To learn more, or to stay on top of the latest development updates, visit the Haselwood Family YMCA Facebook page.

Silverdale Slogans

Brynn writes:

Well our Facebook crowd jumped into the mix of adding Silverdale slogans to the Kitsap Sun Facebook page, but only Sharon O’Hara has commented on the blog — thanks Sharon!

I’m posting some of the suggestions for a “fake” Silverdale slogan from Facebook here, but please, keep them coming (on the blog preferably so everyone else can see).

Here they are in no particular order:

Silverdale – The town that used to be little but is now nothing more than a mid-size mall and several strip malls

Silverdale – Sure it’s ugly but you have to go shopping sometime

Silverdale – Building bigger & better communities without bigger & better roads

Silverdale- Nothing open past 8pm

Silverdale – we may not be a real city, but that won’t stop us from having real traffic

Silverdale- Home of the outrageously overpriced undersized apartment (I can attest to this one!)

Silverdale- Because Poulsbo sucks more

Dueling Friday Afternoon Clubs

Brynn Grimley writes:

I realize this is normally a Chris Henry post, but after I read her Friday Afternoon Club entry from this noon I realized there were a couple CK-related events that she didn’t know about, and thus didn’t include. Instead of posting them on her existing entry, I decided to offer up a dueling post.

The two-CK related events are both happening on Sunday.

The first is Petersen Day on the Farm. The event is for the community to teach people about farming in Silverdale, and give people a chance to walk around the 167-acre property. Suggested donations are $8 adult, $4 child (3 to 12), $24 family (4 or more). No dogs. Read the full story about the event. Read about the conservation effort for the farm here.

The second is the arrival of the steel beams from the Twin Towers to Silverdale. The truck toting the beams will be escorted into town by the Patriot Guard Riders, along with police and a number of other motorcycles. The beams will be brought to the Kitsap Mall parking lot, where they will remain for a ceremony and so that people have a chance to see them before they are placed in storage until a 9/11 memorial is built for the community. The beams are estimated to arrive in Silverdale around 6 p.m. To read the latest story about the beams journey across country, check out Josh Farley’s article.

Photos and Highlights from Friday’s YMCA Groundbreaking

Brynn Grimley writes:

I attended this afternoon’s Haselwood Family YMCA groundbreaking in Silverdale and have to say it was quite the to-do.

The Central Kitsap High School Jazz Band provided the music, there was catered food and it was standing room only under the white tent situated in the corner of the Regal Cinemas parking lot.

Festivities were typical for a formal groundbreaking ceremony: gold shovels, hard hats, a bulldozer and more elected officials and community leaders in attendance than one could count.

I took a number of photos, which I’ve posted below. I’ve also provided highlights of what was said during the ceremony before the gold shovels dug into the gravel to mark the start of construction on the site.

Probably the biggest highlight of the afternoon was the surprise announcement by Joanne Haselwood’s son Rick Wiler that Al Courter, owner of Honda Auto Center of Bellevue, was pledging $100,000 to the Haselwood Family YMCA capital campaign. But he didn’t stop there, Wiler then announced he and wife Kari were matching Courter’s donation, also pledging $100,000 to the campaign.

After the ceremony Haselwood said she had no idea her son or Courter — a good friend of her late husband Chuck Haselwood — were going to make the donations. It took Haselwood three meetings before she determined she was willing to pledge $2.5 million to the project, she said. She knew her husband would have supported the idea, and decided to make the donation because she wanted her husband’s name to be remembered forever, she said.

“If you had asked Chuck: ‘We need $2.5 million to get this started,’ he would have said yes without thinking,” she said. “We’ve always donated to the Bremerton Y.”

By the end of the festivities Friday the capital campaign grew by $250,000, bringing the new total to $9,735,056.

YMCA leaders have a minimum fundraising goal of $12 million, but hope to achieve $15 million for the project. After the recent giving, they’re optimistic they’ll hit that $15 million goal, according to Bob Ecklund, CEO of the YMCA of Pierce-Kitsap Counties.

Ron Ross and wife Nadean were the first to get the ball rolling on large contributions to the capital campaign. The couple donated $1 million, but as Ross said at the groundbreaking, it was the county’s commitment to that got their attention.

“I think it is so wonderful that the county has stepped up,” Ross said. “When Nadean and I saw the effort the county put in, we got behind it.”

Kitsap County Commissioner Josh Brown said the Ross’ donation proved many naysayers in the community wrong. Because it took 11 years for construction to begin on site, some people believed the Central Kitsap community campus concept was a “pipe dream,” saying the leadership needed to complete the project didn’t exist in Silverdale, Brown said.

The Ross and Haselwood families proved them wrong, he said. He also said the financial investment being put into the facility — now slated to be close to 86,000 square feet — will be returned to the community likely two years after it opens by way of financial assistance given to members to guarantee everyone, no matter what their social status, can use the facility.

Once the facility is open, it will cater to all walks of life in the community, Ecklund said.

“This YMCA will serve generations to come, four, five generations from now,” he said. “It will change the community forever.”

Many of the Central Kitsap Community Council leaders were on hand to see their vision finally take shape — Hank Mann-Sykes made sure to grab a handful of gravel to take home to commemorate the day. He joked Thursday if he had to arrive on a stretcher he would because there was no way he was going to miss the event. (Luckily no stretchers were needed).

The facility is slated to be open by next summer. In the coming months I’ll use this blog to give construction updates, and will let people know when they can start applying for memberships (for those super planners out there, mark Sept. 18 on your calendars because that’s the tentative date for an event to get charter members signed up).

And finally, here are the photos of the days events:

The Ground is Moving in Silverdale

Brynn Grimley writes:

If you’ve driven through Silverdale recently — well actually along NW Randall Way — then there’s no way you could have missed the giant mound of dirt piled where the Central Kitsap Community Campus will be built.

Wondering what that mound of dirt is for?

Well I don’t know what the dirt will be used for, but I do know why it’s being moved around. This Friday is the groundbreaking ceremony for the Silverdale Haselwood Family YMCA.

Yes folks, the YMCA construction is about to begin — soon the roughly 86,000 square foot facility will be situated at the corner of the property, the first building to be developed on site.

The groundbreaking ceremony runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the site, 9729 Silverdale Way. Volunteers and staff will be on hand, bulldozer rides will be offered and some words will be spoken about the project by YMCA leaders.

So, if you’re driving through Silverdale wondering what’s going on, or if you’re wondering when the YMCA will be built, now you know.