Help BSD pick a color for the high school roof

Do you have good taste in architectural decor? Bremerton School District needs some help with a home decorating question. We got this notice from the district’s spokeswoman. You have until tomorrow morning to weigh in.

“The Bremerton School Board would like to solicit community opinions regarding the color selection for the roof at Bremerton High School. Unfortunately, we have a small window as we need to have input by Wednesday morning, May 7th.

We have a color palette available in the lobby of the Administration Building at 134 Marion Avenue N.”

One thought on “Help BSD pick a color for the high school roof

  1. Only 2 requirements here:

    #1 The new roof has a solid, long-term, repair and replacement warranty.

    #2 It keeps the water out.

    Outside of that, color is superfluous.

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