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Josh Farley writes: 

Q: How does one sum up the life of the 2013 Bremerton City Council?

A: In verse, of course. Happy holidays, everyone.


Bremerton’s City Council, which started with nine,
in January became eight, when Roy Runyon resigned.

The Council acted quickly to replace the space,
Wendy Priest, they found, to be a familiar face.

There was much work to be done, too many parks to fund,
so former Mayor Bozeman was put under the gun,

To find a solution, a way to sustain parklands,
and luckily for the city, volunteers would lend a hand.

The city faced a choice, when Craig Rogers retired,
and found a new police chief, who vowed to catch frequent flyers.

In public works, the city said,
the payments weren’t enough,

So they pushed utility rates up,
without much of a huff.

Too many homes abandoned, Councilman Younger decreed,
So Council mandated they be licensed, and it passed with esprit.

And not only them, the Council the wished to heighten,
the requirements for landlords, and for them to be licensed.

A groundswell then formed, to study the city auditor,
They started to wonder, what city did he monitor?

They discussed all the merits, but they couldn’t get past one,
the public would react, like they were pulling a fast one.

So the auditor stayed, said the conference center was bleeding,
The city responded with what they felt it was needing.

The city said an expansion, would bring in lots of revenue,
it was only losing money, because growing it was overdue.

And speaking of downtown, the trees on Fourth Street,
had to go, the city said, for they were tearing up concrete.

But a backlash ensued, and tree huggers raised hell,
and a tree group was formed, to find which would be felled.

The Council then decided, that regulations were too tight,
drive-thrus could come back, to the car lover’s delight.

But pedestrians and bikes, they would have victories too,
Lower Wheaton and Washington, will get multimodal avenues.

Grants would cover those, street maintenance they could not,
so the Council decided, that utility fees could be brought.

And all this despite, an election fight that pressed,
one the mayor and the judge, and all council members would address.

Patty Lent and Todd Best, did battle for the mayor,
in the end, Lent prevailed, despite the naysayers.

The Tourism Bureau, the Council decided,
wasn’t pulling its weight, and ought to be chided.

The new year will bring new faces to the table,
our second term mayor will hope the seven’s able.

One thing is certain, for the Council’s 2014,
a lot of energy, they will need, or at least some caffeine.

Blogger’s note: The fight over electric vehicle charging stations on the Pacific Avenue improvement project was omitted from the year in verse. On purpose.  

8 thoughts on “The Bremerton City Council’s 2013 in Verse

  1. Very cute, Josh….. Personally, I would have gone with….

    There once was a man from Nantucket…..

    But that’s my overall dis-enchantment and shattered experiences with the majority of this group talking.

  2. I think that I shall never see,
    a council as ineffective as these
    we have all the same issues,
    and many less tissues,
    as the tears of the residents,
    are answered with reticence.

    We still have the slumlords,
    Pulling the strings,
    A license to list them,
    Has not solved a thing.

    The tree huggers referred to,
    upset with the process,
    did not want our funds’
    to go only to those with access.

    I could go on but why bother, its like Ground Hogs Day, every day.

  3. There once was a Council moved from Nantucket,
    Bailing with a spoon while needing a bucket.

    Blindly approved that new little walk,
    oh what shall they do when freight haulers balk.

    Conduit they lay for that tin can of a car,
    planned for mail parking only from far.

    Businesses closing so fed up with the bull,
    left are the nonprofits that surely will rule.

    So walking we shall go to the hall where they meet,
    Forced to speak out about the squeezed down street.

    Listen we will about new funds for art,
    Speak of poor streets is heard as a fart.

    Funding the whims with a new found grant,
    helping the poor or needy heard as a rant.

    The cities new future is long overdue,
    start by collecting the needles and poo.

    Bremerton has such potential and promises such fun,
    but ask for real solutions and the council shall run.

    With the New Year another council we get,
    hoping for a better city is surely a bet.

    Citizens are hoping a council that’s wise,
    for a new future is possibly the prize.

  4. Oh what will Bremerton do,
    With a council that runs like a zoo?
    So many departments and so many parts,
    Run by a group call they call the “Pop Tarts”.

    Not a limit to be found when it comes to downtown,
    As Wheaton languishes with blights that abound.

    But the heart of the city is the citizen’s choice
    As so very many come together with working hands and a voice.

    So let it be known that Bremerton will lead and not cower,
    But the true community improvements will be done by those NOT in the Dicks Tower.

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