This is all Silverdale’s fault

New York, L.A., Miami, Bremerton.

We trot out the lists whenever some magazine decides to recognize us. “They like us! They really, really, like us!” This goes back to the early 1990s when Money magazine said Bremerton was the best place in America to live. It made perfect sense to me at the time, because Bremerton was said to be near Seattle and that you got here by boat. And I had never been to Bremerton.

We’ve continued to rank high now and again on those kind of lists, though we’re also suspected of being an ungodly bunch.

Now the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which I’m told is not a magazine, has released a publication about expenditures on children by families in 2012. The Daily Beast, which is an online magazine, used metropolitan geographic stats from Redfin to come up with the 15 most expensive places to raise a child in the first year, citing the costs of housing, energy, healthcare and stuff for the baby and added a stat about how many OB/GYNs there are in an area.

On Redfin Bremerton is #14. Throw in the OB/GYN stat on the Daily Beast and Bremerton is #8, joining New York, L.A. and Miami.

Why blame Silverdale? Because I can. This goes back to the days when the Central Kitsap Reporter got all huffy because these lists were coming out lauding Bremerton, when most of those accolades included data that came from Bremerton’s outlying parts in the rest of the county, even Port Orchard. In those days I worked overtime finding ways to make fun of Port Orchard, because I was the Bremerton reporter. I thought it was in my job description. I might have made that up.

The point is, if you’re going to get all jacked up about a silly list that says Bremerton is neato, you better bow your head in shame when another list comes out and says it will take a bigger chunk of your paycheck to raise the li’l feces factory during the first year than it does in Seattle.

I accept your apology in advance.

4 thoughts on “This is all Silverdale’s fault

  1. Well Bremerton is moving up on the Grand Theft Auto lists as well. But looking at the whole picture of raising a child, Silverdale versus Bremerton, here’s some other points:

    1. Schools. I seem to remember and read more problems at Bremerton, school shooting, vandalism, bullying, etc., than Silverdale. A child was shot, the kitchen is regularly broken into, and look at the amount of declining enrollment and exodus of teachers, versus Silverdale.

    2. Infrastructure. Do I really need to go here? What’s more likely? Sure, a kid was hit outside of a Silverdale area school in the past year, by a Bremerton driver. That was followed by yet another Bremerton drunk driver crashing over the Silverdale roundabout. And what about school crosswalks in Bremerton, Steve?

    Here’s the rundown, the cost of care is one thing, but can the child get through the toddler years of crawling (without stepping on a drug needle), being shot in a drive by shooting, or struck at an unpainted crosswalk. Do you want your child running around in a city block of houses, that should be condemned because of sanitary conditions, prostitution, and drug activity. Refer to the above for the schools.

    What about how the County and Silverdale are propping up the city of Bremerton. Silverdale’s sales taxes contribute more to transit services, than Bremerton. The County has had to intervene on the Chieftain area of drug activity and business licensing, and the County is on the hook for the Blow Hole Towers Condo Mess.

    Ask not what the city of Bremerton can do for you. Ask how the city can get the rest of the county to pay for their stupidity…..

  2. Ducttapeo1,

    That didn’t look like an apology to me.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun

    P.S. I live in Silverdale. I also apologize to Bremerton, even though I had nothing to do with that editorial from another publication seven years ago.

  3. Dear Ducttapeo,
    For a long time now I’ve read your comments about Bremerton. I’m not sure what colored glasses you see Bremerton through but you are so off sometimes. I grew up in Bremerton, proud graduate of Bremerton High and choose to move back to Bremerton after a time living out of state. I put my children in Bremerton schools (which my soon to be 4 grader is reading and doing math at a 7 grade level on the state standard tests).
    Does Bremerton have it’s problem, yes. Do we need strong leadership to change things, yes. But every city our size does. I personally live in a great nieghborhood, with great nieghbors. My children don’t play where there are drug needles.
    I think for the wonderful people I graduated high school with, we have people that have become lawyers, nurses, business people, engineers, realitors, one who has traveled the world doing good things including working in the Pentagon during 9/11. And just turn on King5, Meg Coyle is a Bremerton grad.
    So Dear Duttapeo, please take off your colored glasses and try to see that there are good things in Bremerton. Or just shut the heck up.

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