New school in the future for NKSD? Maybe, depending on development

Could a new school be in North Kitsap School District’s future?

That answer  will likely depend on unbuilt, but approved, homes that’s on the books for the city of Poulsbo.

NKSD officials and city leaders  discussed what the effect of these proposed neighborhoods would be on school capacity and boundary lines during a joint meeting last week.

About 18 subdivisions are proposed for the Poulsbo area, Mayor Becky Erickson recently said. Most of the developments have been approved, while others are waiting for approval.
Some of those developments are sizable. In the case of Mountain Aire near Noll Road, Erickson said, the city went through final approval status last week for 150 units in that particular neighborhood.

These neighborhoods aren’t going to be built tomorrow, Erickson said, they’re going to take many years to develop.

It would bring about 1,800 more homes to the area, she said. Poulsbo currently has a population of 9,500; the new developments could bring in an approximately 4,500 more to the area.

North Kitsap School District Board President Dan Weedin said information from Poulsbo will come in handy in the district’s long-range planning.

Board member Tom Anderson said a few years ago the district was looking at building a school, before the economy tank.

District superintendent Patty Page said it takes at least three years to build a school, from start to finish.

Below is a map detailing where the proposed neighborhoods would go.

Poulsbo Map of Future Neighborhoods

One thought on “New school in the future for NKSD? Maybe, depending on development

  1. Interesting to see this when another article is talking of declining enrollment. SKSD is set to have another drop of over 120 students next year. There is an apartment complex being built with 105 apartments near Sedgwick/Sidney with another complex possible nearby. Will this change SKSD enrollment numbers? It will be interesting to see how both districts react to new families and how that will affect long term planning.

    Isn’t the enrollment numbers just a best guess estimate? I would think there are two many factors or variables to come up with a reasonable number year after year. Do you build, at a cost of millions to taxpayers, new facilities before you may need them or do you wait until the need is obvious and overdue?

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