Two sweet moments from the Breidablik farewell.

I’m going to post three videos here, so grab a soda or something.

The first is our video from the Breidablik Elementary School farewell from Monday. It was a sweet, sweet ceremony. It reminds me of an episode on West Wing, when one of the main characters dies and there is a funeral. Later, at least three different people say, “It was more of a celebration than a funeral.”

That was kind of true Monday, because staff and students put on brave faces that didn’t quite reveal the sadness. Particularly sweet were two musical numbers. In fact, all of them were wonderful, but two struck me.

One was from the teachers, in part because it’s a song I heard my own son sing in a choir when he graduated from Brownsville Elementary. It became doubly so when I spotted one teacher Monday who had to duck behind the rest of the group to compose herself.

The other was from the school choir. They sang a Hebrew-language song, Al Shlosha D’Varim, that moved me. I couldn’t understand a word, but in that situation one can find whatever meaning occurs.

So first is my video. And since I don’t have full versions of what happened Monday, I’ve provided other renditions of the other two songs.

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