Local Catholic parish among first in the nation to cut ties with Boy Scouts over its decision to allow gay Scouts

KING-5 TV got the story first about Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church ending its sponsorship of a local Boy Scouts of America troop, because of the organization’s change in policy regarding gay Boy Scouts. The BSA’s National Council voted to end the ban on gay scouts a week ago, but did not lift a ban on gay scout leaders.

Father Derek Lappe posted his detailed decision on the church’s website and on its Facebook page.

Much of Lappe’s reasoning comes from research conducted by the Catholic Medical Association in questioning whether homosexuality is something people are born with. From Lappe’s statement:

“Our parish cannot be involved with a group that has decided to ratify or approve the self-identification of a 10-18 year old boy as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’. To me it is cruel, and abusive and absolutely contrary to the Gospel to in any way confirm a teenager in the confusion of same-sex attraction, which is what the New Boy Scout policy will do.”

The BSA, in its official statement following the National Council’s vote, did not step back from its moral stance on sexuality generally, emphasizing that “any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting.” What it seemed to be doing, however, was allowing that kids who believe they are gay can still benefit from what scouting teaches. From the official statement:

“While people have different opinions about this policy, we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting.”

Our Lady Star of the Sea won’t be the last organization to abandon scouting following the ruling. ABC is reporting many organizations are likely to withdraw their sponsorships of the organization in the coming weeks and months.

We will have more on the local story here. There is more going on than just this one church. Kudos to KING for breaking it. We will attempt to add to what KING provided.

6 thoughts on “Local Catholic parish among first in the nation to cut ties with Boy Scouts over its decision to allow gay Scouts

  1. The irony of the (or a local) Catholic church cutting ties with the BSA for something relating to subject matter surrounding homosexuality (especially again, with young males) is so thick I need a knife…

    Could a local body of the Catholic Church cut ties with the Vatican for failing to act on other head figures sexually assaulting youth?

  2. What is “cruel and abusive” is rejecting someone, in this case children and teenagers, for being just as their Creator made them. I’ll put my faith in the AMA other health orginizations rather than the CMA.

  3. His lady may be the Star of the Sea, but mine has a functioning mind
    that rejects the bleating of a failed church leader so steeped in hypocracy as to be blind to the beam in his own eye. Perhaps Fr. Lappe would grace us with his views on the status of women in his church’s hierarchy, or his church’s penchant for recruiting sociopaths into the priesthood. Could it be that he “doth protest to much”? The Boy Scouts have suffered long enough in the arms of his lady church. They are better off left uninfluenced by guys in dresses who rather ironically claim to stand for Christ

  4. Not too surprised we find some sponsors finding other methods of supporting all kids . I do not expect those who support a Judeo Christian ethic sponsoring organizations that actually undermine those values and teachings . Public Schools do not support a belief in God , or teachings that support the Ten Commandments , why would people expect Religious Institutions to support secular beliefs based in leftist beliefs .

    The Boy Scouts were really the last national organization that was still identified with a God being involved . We send kids to schools and ask them to compartmentalize their beliefs , in politics, in work places, in civic organizations , even charities , in fact just anywhere now basic Judeo Christian beliefs are said to be better kept to themselves when participating .

    Does not seem our country has been safer or better for kids because of this secularization , including gay kids or kids who may be questioning .

    Thank you Lady Star of the Sea for your past support of the Boy Scouts and your future support for all kids.

  5. It is one problem I have with certain people in society now of days. Everyone wants to accept those who identify as homosexuals but not Christians and anyone affiliated with Christianity or any church based organization is told to go in the closet.

    What is wrong with identifying with what we believe in? Why can we not actually have discussions about politics in a civil manner? If we do not discuss how these issues affect our daily lives, I feel this is just training a generation of apathy.

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