What are your New Year’s Day traditions?

Around the world there are time-honored New Year’s Day traditions, eating black-eyed peas for luck, jumping in frigid water for an invigorating start, opening doors and windows to let the old year out.
What traditions do you and your family have? What foods will you serve or eat on New Year’s Day? What activities to you take part in on the first day of 2013? Do you have any superstitions about Jan. 1?
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4 thoughts on “What are your New Year’s Day traditions?

  1. My husband and I enjoy attending the Admiral Theatre’s Comedy show every New Years Eve. This year he is working so I will be celebrating with the kids alone. We plan on staying up to watch the fireworks and eating chinese food while playing our Xbox Kinect games.

  2. We like to replace the old calendar with one for the upcoming year. We even get crazier than THAT!! We begin to write the new years’ number on our checks when we pay the bills!!. Sounds wild, I know – but hey! We enjoy living on the Edge!

  3. We are a transplanted Southern family and every New Years Day we enjoy a traditional lunch consisting of ham, blackeyed Peas, white rice and stewed tomatoes. The new year just doesn’t seem to start out right without our special lunch. Happy New Year to you and all the staff at the Sun. Bryan

  4. I carry on my late Father’s tradition of beating on a cooking pot with a wooden spoon. I was raised in Florida, no fireworks allowed. Next we do the tradition I started of burning Hell Money, Asian paper money you burn to send to your ancestors in the afterlife to spend in the coming year. Then try to sleep while listening to the barrage of fireworks all around me.

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