‘Restaurant: Impossible’ wants you

Brynn writes:

Looking for 15 minutes of fame and a good meal?

If you’re free next Friday, Sept. 28, and if you feel like treating yourself to a steak dinner, you might just find yourself on an upcoming episode of the Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible“.

Chef Robert Irvine

That’s right, celebrity Chef Robert Irvine is coming to Kitsap. He and a film crew will be in Keyport next week making over Whiskey Creek Steakhouse for an upcoming show. The work will happen in a 24-hour period and when it’s all done the restaurant will reopen to patrons. That’s where you come in — the producers want to film people eating at the restaurant for its “Grand Re-opening” and are asking people to make reservations starting at 7 p.m. that Friday.

For those unfamiliar with “Restaurant: Impossible”, here’s how the show works: Chef Irvine and a film crew, along with a small army ready to employ a lot of elbow grease, arrive to a failing restaurant and assess its weaknesses. In 24 hours, and with the assistance of $10,000, Irvine and his crew get to work, updating menus, retraining staff and often revamping the restaurant’s interior  — sometimes undertaking a complete overhaul to improve aesthetics. With the work complete people are then asked to dine at the establishment and offer feedback (on camera) about the changes.

The show is in its fifth season and has aired roughly 50 episodes. Thousands of people apply, so for Whiskey Creek to make a cut is a pretty big deal. The show’s arrival in Keyport next week will be its first time in Washington.

If you haven’t seen the show, you might recognize the British host from other culinary reality television shows, including “Dinner: Impossible”, “Worst Cooks in America” and “The Next Iron Chef”. (He’s the tall guy with bulging biceps and a British accent).

So, here’s your chance to (possibly) be seen on television. All you have to do is call Whiskey Creek and make reservations for Sept. 28. There’s room for 175 reservations, which will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number is: (360) 779-3481.

I can’t promise you’ll meet Mr. Irvine, and I can’t guarantee you’ll make the footage that airs when the show appears on the Food Network, but if nothing else you’ll get a good meal — right?

30 thoughts on “‘Restaurant: Impossible’ wants you

  1. At least you’ll get a good meal? what a stupid thing to write. You want us to be the people that eat the nasty, probably dirty food that is being served. the reason its on restaurant impossible is because it doesn’t serve good food.

    1. I can’t say whether the food is good or not, since I’ve never eaten there, but the people I’ve talked to that have eaten there say they’ve always had a good meal. And if you’re dining there on Sept. 28, AFTER the show has made over the place then you’ll be eating AFTER they’ve improved everything — so you won’t be eating “dirty food”.

      ~ Brynn

  2. I believe they may be making a mistake who asks for reservations for 175 when they cant promptly feed 30 (even with help ) also leaking this was a not so good idea as food network usually fills the tables before and after reveal .

  3. I’ve always loved the atmosphere at Whiskey Creek, so I don’t really understand why they’re getting the make-over. And I’ve loved every meal I’ve ever had there as well. I sure hope they do it justice.

  4. I was wondering when he would show up around here. There are so many restaurants that need his help in the Kitsap area. I am so not impressed with anyone restaurant here. Fell most are so dirty and run down. food not worth paying for. Can’t wait to see what he does!

  5. I took my visiting dad there for Father’s Day and was very, very disappointed. In fact, I commented to my husband later that it would be great to get Robert Irvine there! It’s dark and gloomy inside, and it really does need to be made over. I wish I was going to be here!

  6. Hey! The Creek is a wonderful place. They have good food and a great staff. The building is old and it is “hidden” in Keyport, so it’s not very convenient for a lot of people to get to. It’s near my work, so I eat there often for lunch. I have never come in to contact with “dirty food” and I have never been sick after eating their food, and I don’t have a stomach of steel. So, unless you can back your insults with facts, I suggest you think twice before you try to spread some nasty rumors around. Karma has sharp teeth!

  7. I gether, from my wife and our friends, that the steaks are good to excellent, if a bit overpriced. On our last visit I had the chicken cordon bleu – it was dreadful. Silly me, going to a steakhouse and not ordering a steak. Whiskey Creek would do well to simply remove it from the menu.

  8. Whoops. That was aimed at tony w. The rest of you who have been there and don’t like it the place, sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

  9. Whiskey Creek has been a great place to eat for years. Wish they were coming to JJ’s Fish House, they need someone to help them bad!

  10. For those interested, reservations were filled by Thursday afternoon of the initial posting. If you are interested in Saturday (29th) reservations, they are not being taken at this time and was told to call back middle of next week. With a makeover they have no idea what the table arrangements will be at this time. Hopefully the lighting will get improved!

  11. I just spoke with Bryce at Whiskey Creek and as of now, Sept 21st @ 1230pm , they have filled the 175 reservations. Bummer, it sounded like fun.

    Although … sometimes it’s better to wait when a big change is implemented.

  12. Horrible, horrible food. The steaks are so full of gristle, you can only eat about a quarter of the meat. The side dishes are very uninspired and the service is lousy. I’ve tried to eat there a couple of times and had the same experience twice. It will have to get a lot of great reviews before I try it again.

  13. I’ve eaten at Whiskey Creek dozens of times, never had a bad meal. Most everybody that knows the place says good things about the food and service. It’s nice cozy place to eat. It’s a tiny kitchen, but they seem to be amazingly organized and quick. Yeah it’s rustic, but that’s a good thing. As Tim C. said, they are all filled up for the re-opening. If Chef Robert’s designer “opens it up” and “brightens the atmosphere”, they are going to ruin it. I hope they can keep the character of the place.

  14. I don’t understand the need to revamp Whiskey Creek. The atmosphere is very cool-cowboy/rustic like. It’s not meant to be a flashy restaurant. The food is fabulous,it’s always busy and reservations are recommended, and the live band there on Tuesdays is great. My husband and I are huge fans of Whiskey Creek and we have never had a bad meal. Good food, nice atmosphere and moderate prices-not everything has to be “The Plaza”.

  15. WC is one of our family’s favorite place. Love the RI show, but really hope WC is not destroyed. I did not think anything needed to be change – maybe some of the chairs and tables. Best calimari anywhere and my favorite was always the prime rib.

  16. Most of you have seemed to have missed some wordage…

    It says they help “failing” places. Obviously they are trying to save the Whiskey from closing.

  17. I have to agree I like the atmosphere. And one of the times I have gone the band was entertaining. But I have to stress the food in my opinion is terrible. I have had better steaks at Denny’s.

  18. I called yesterday at 12:30 to make a reservation, the second caller after this story came out. I was told by the man who answered that he did not know if he should take reservations. He would put my name on a list and call back. I called tonight at 6:30 asking to confirm the reservation. The young woman who answered the phone said that they’d called everyone today, and if we missed the call, they gave up the reservation and are now full – and sounded very uncaring about it. I didn’t ask for a tentative reservation, I asked for an actual reservation. I write a local food blog and would have loved the chance to participate in the event. Since I don’t write negative reviews in my blog, the restaurant will receive no review from me at all, and has permanently lost a customer and the publicity I give local restaurants. I sincerely hope Robert can turn that service around.

  19. whatever he and his staff does, all the hoopla willbe over in a month. It’s not a bad place, it’s way out of my way and I’ve always had to wait to get in anyway. I can think of MANY places around here that could reall benefit from this, much more than Whiskey Creek. Look forward to watching the result on Food Network….and by then will know if the change was lasting

  20. How fun, to bad the spots for dinner are all filled. I guess if they are on the show they are struggling. Doesn’t surprise me, while Ive had ok food, I always felt it was over priced and the dining room cramped and dingy. Good luck to them as they get made over and re-vamped! I look forward to the airing of the show!!

  21. Maybe it has something to do with the failed attempt at opening a second restaurant in Poulsbo? I have always liked the place. It has the best chile in town.

  22. I haven’t eaten at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse in years. Their Health Department scores are on the Sun’s database here.


    I’ve been to many fancy and expensive restaurants where I thought I could have done a better job cooking and the service was lousy. It’s not easy to run a really good restaurant. Let’s hope the show helps to fine tune the Whiskey Creek and that we all benefit from a revived eatery in our community.

    Let’s not forget, this is a TV show and I’m betting that most of what we will see is staged.

  23. My son is staff there. Has been for a number of years. Before him my son in law worked there too. The atmosphere is great, the food is delish and staff rocks. As of Friday afternoon the restaurant is fully booked for Friday. They will be closed Wed and Thurs too.

  24. I can’t imagine what Chef Robert Irvine and the Restaurant Impossible crew are going to do to Whiskey Creek during the renovation. The bar is Fantastic. It was built in Europe in 1893, and was sailed around Cape Horn before it ended up in Keyport in 1934. I’m sure it’ll look great after they’re finished, but I hope it doesn’t lose it’s charm. I’ve always had good food there, and the music (kind of Dixieland style) on Tuesday nights always packs the crowd in there to standing room only. Economically, times are tough for us all. They probably do need help, as most places do these days. Whatever happens, I hope Whiskey Creek is a huge success. I’m happy for them! – I tried to get a reservation for Friday, but I heard about it too late. GOOD LUCK!!!

  25. Had to have one last lunch there before the remodel ~ the three of us all had the New York steak for lunch, each cooked differently, and it was wonderful. Sat in what I call the ‘cow-hide room’ and took a few pics in there, gazed lovingly at the main dining area’s chairs and tables simultaneously hoping that they’ll be kept and that if they don’t, that I could somehow end up with some of them for my own home. I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with the fireplace that a good cleaning can’t make right. It will be interesting indeed to see what comes of the place.

  26. To me this is a tragedy. I love Whiskey Creek because of it’s atmosphere. It feels like a homey cabin/lodge, and I love the food and the staff. It is my “go to” place when I need comforting. The only thing I would change is to fix the wobbly chairs.

  27. The reason they are probably “failing” is their prices. If they go higher after this “help” they will lose even more customers. Their food is not proportionate with the prices, with the exception being the prime rib. If you order anything else your being ripped off.

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