Poulsbo gets a shout out

Brynn writes:

I follow the Three Sheets Northwest Blog, which features its own content along with other boating bloggers sharing their cruising experiences in the area.

This morning a headline (“Poulsbo’s muddy bottom”) caught my eye. The author compliments the small Norwegian town for its hospitality and good eats, but questions what exactly is up with Liberty Bay and its foul odor.

It’s been years since I last spent a weekend anchored in the bay, but it wasn’t that long ago we tied up at the Port of Poulsbo Marina — not to mention earlier this year I was spending time at the port commissioners’ floating meeting room in the marina. I don’t recall ever noticing the brown water, or a suspicious smell, but maybe things are different away from shore?

This sounds like a job for environmental reporter Chris Dunagan to look into on his Watching Our Waterways blog…

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