Bremerton: There’s an app for that

Mike Strube, executive director of the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce, introduced the Bremerton app at Wednesday’s Bremerton City Council meeting. I downloaded it at the meeting.

The app allows you, from wherever you are, to find businesses, parks and entertainment. The options are not just limited to Bremerton, either. Port Orchard hotels, Silverdale restaurants and the Tacoma Rainiers made the cut.

Here are some screen shots that show you how it works.

This is the icon that will appear on the iPhone screen. I assume it's the same for other smart phones.
This is the screen you get once you open the app.
Click on one of the selections and get more detail.
Click on one of your choices and you get detailed information about the place.
There is a map feature on each selection, allowing you to see where you are compared to where you want to go.

One thought on “Bremerton: There’s an app for that

  1. Yes, it is cool. Those of us that attended the Bremerton Cash Mob at CJ’s and Rachels got a nice preview of it and a look at a poster for the city it is going to appear on. Thanks Mike!

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