Calling for frozen yogurt in Bremerton, please

There was a time when I was one to follow trends. I had my suburban mullet and acid-washed jeans like the rest of them. I wore the white, laceless Vans and the OP shorts and shirts. I drove a bug. I even like Styx once upon a time. I did all those things when they were cool and discarded them on time to not be tragically behind the times stylistically. Actually, I should have never ditched the bug, but I’m sure I would have killed it by now anyway.

About the time of the mullet frozen yogurt was available more predictably than Starbucks and I was one of its fans. I wouldn’t say I was among the biggest fans, but I was a regular. I once traveled to Little Rock in the 1990s, where for the entire decade the tallest building in the state was the 40-story TCBY Tower. (It’s now named after something else. Whatever that is isn’t important in any context I can think of.)

Coincidentally the end of the last millennium also brought to a seeming end the popularity of frozen yogurt. I barely noticed. I moved to Washington where I never found a fro-yo shop and never really looked.

To my delight, however, at a time when I am measuring how much I dump into me (I’ve lost 22 pounds over the past few months.) I have appreciated being able to stop by Costco and get a twist or a very berry. Now I learn frozen yogurt is making a comeback. Silverdale, Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island all have stores dedicated to fine art of frozen-yogurtery.

It’s time someone made the stuff available in Bremerton. When I used the Google Places app on my iPhone it tells me I can get it at Baskin-Robbins and Dairy Queen, but I want a place dedicated specifically to fro-yo.

The trend in those stands has changed, too, I’ve learned. Now you go in to many of them, grab a cup, fill it with yogurt and stuff and then weigh it, paying 41-cents (your mileage may vary) and ounce for whatever you pile into your bowl before you pile it into your mouth.

People in Port Orchard may also be clamoring for fro-yo, but it’s well established here that I don’t care about Port Orchard. Actually, I would like that, too, because I cover stuff in Port Orchard. I would totally go, especially if someone in Bremerton doesn’t answer my call. I might take Port Orchard off notice for that.

While we’re at it, you should watch this homemade commercial. It was the winner of a contest.

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