Lary will be back, FB post promises

Checking in via Facebook last week on former Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola, we noted that while recharging his batteries in the Florida Keys, Coppola had a couple of job interviews. Like others, we wondered if that could mean he and his family could be moving across the country.

No, said Coppola, in a FB post Saturday, “They are companies headquartered in Florida that do business in the PNW. So no, I’m not moving. I’m also looking at a number of opportunities at home, as numerous people have reached out to me.”

“Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying the sun, relaxing, going fishing (a passion of mine), finding some personal peace, and resetting my mental odometer back to zero. Lary WILL be back – stronger than ever ready to face down new challenges. But for now… The Keys are a place where I find personal solace – which I need = and deserve – right now.”

Coppola has been snapping sunset pictures, taking leisurely walks on the beach, channeling Jimmy Buffet and reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point” about “how little things can make a big difference.”

Meanwhile, new Mayor Tim Matthes will be presiding over his first council meeting Tuesday. Nothing much jumps out at me from the agenda, except maybe this item:

Adoption of Resolution No. 001-12, Confirming Mayoral Appointment to the Planning Commission (Kirkpatrick)

Probably a rubber stamp matter, but one never knows. I’ll be there and will let you know if there’s anything noteworthy.

2 thoughts on “Lary will be back, FB post promises

  1. I stand corrected. Lary Coppola is reading “Outliers,” not “The Tipping Point.”

    Here’s what he had to say about the book.

    “What I’m reading now is Gladwell’s “Outliers,” which is all about understanding successful people. It makes the case for how rather than focusing on intelligence, ambition and personality traits, we need to be looking at the world that surrounds the successful — their culture, their family, their generation, and their idiosyncratic experiences. And while “Blink” and “The Tipping Point” were in my view exceptional books with a perspective that I personally found over the top in terms of exceptional observations on the world we live in, “Outliers” is probably the most interesting book I’ve read since “Megatrends” sometime in the 70s.”

    Chris Henry, reporter

  2. I’m with Lary on “Outliers.” I think I learned more about what it takes to be successful from that book than anything I’ve ever read. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.

    Steven Gardner
    Fellow Peninsular Thinker

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