Christmas Eve photo shoot, the outtake

I was asked to take a photo for tomorrow’s Kitsap Sun at the Family Christmas Eve Service for toddlers and very young children at Adventure of Faith church in South Kitsap.

This was the first year the church had tried such a service. Children were asked to choose a simple costume – shepherd, angel or wise man. And they were invited up onstage at different points in the service.

“It’s an opportunity for families with young children to celebrate a Christmas Eve service they can be a part of,” said Don Dilley, director of music and worship.

Now, there’s my idea of going to church … wander around wherever you want and just let it all hang out.

I didn’t get this little girl’s name, but she was the life of the party … one of several animated toddlers who welcomed Baby Jesus in their own way.

Or as Pastor John Foreman said, “All our children, no matter what costume they wear, are angels.”

However you like to celebrate the holiday, I hope I all goes well for you and your family. Merry Christmas to all, from Peninsular Thinking.

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