See the Manette Bridge countdown clock here

We’re taking the Washington State Department of Transportation at its word that the gosh-darned Manette Bridge will be opening at noon on Thursday.

If you’re one of those lazy types who doesn’t want to drive all the way down there to see it for yourself or if you have an environmental or economical notion that driving down there would be an addition of unnecessary greenhouse gases and/or waste of fuel, just check in here. We have added a countdown clock in the right column.

One word of warning: They’re planning festivities for noon on Thursday, so I wouldn’t plan on making a crossing right of way. You’re invited to those festivities, though, so if you want to go to that you can use the countdown timer to let you know how long you have until you have to be there.

I like countdown clocks. I think I’ll add one to the Kitsap Caucus and to my own personal blog, Field of Steve.

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