Got a good ghost story?

Halloween, love it hate it or indifferent, is here.

I’m fishing for ghost stories. Mine is kind of lame, but I was very creeped out at the time.

I was a teenager, camping with a group on Lake Champlain in upper state New York. I was unable to sleep, due to being somewhat uncomfortable on the hard ground. Lying there with gritty eyes in the wee hours of the morning, I rolled over to answer the call of nature, when, through the mosquito netting of the tent, I saw a light in the grass about 30 feet away. It was not a flashlight, but more the color and intensity of those new headlights, except small, and it wasn’t moving at all.

I watched to for a while and decided to stay put in the tent. I rolled over a couple more times, and when I looked back, the light had moved closer, now about 20 feet away. This happened several more times, with me looking away, and the light showing up in a different place, but when I looked at it, it was absolutely still.

I had a similar experience one time, while staying at a friend’s house in the country in Minnesota. Cannot explain it. Those two experiences are like nothing I’ve had before or since.

Do you have any scary or curious stories to tell?

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